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Bean Boyz Review

Bean Boyz Review

Bean Boys

Cool Running’s! My name’s Battman, we’re BeanBoyz Genetics, whether you’re just drop ‘N in on “United States” and Charlie Boy for the first time, or one of our loyal BBG Soldierz, I wish to personally state, “Jah Up Mo Fuc’s, Get Your Bean Boyz Onz!”.
As this has been the means we show ourselves to one another. Exactly what we do here, or the function of switching on our lights, is to supply you some of the globe’s most one-of-a-kind strains for your canna collections. Just what makes our BeanBoyz genetics so special? Here’s the biggest distinction in between “US” and 98 % of the breeder’s out there. Many breeders are very curious about “making a name for themselves,” and they do this by producing strains, and working with them for year after year, advertising them, promoting them, as the logic goes if one keeps pushing their strain (s), stabilize it, then it’ll have the ability to prove itself, then rewarding you with the prestige, as thus making your name. This requires strains produced with huge numbers, and to keep developing them in those numbers for a long times. This is exactly how most see breeding, and their strains.
Myself, as a compulsive personality kind, have worked with marijuanas for 42 years. If you take 10 mins reviewing my interview in Skunk Journal on our website, let me assure everyone I’m not fretted about “making a name” for myself!
Few today involve breeding the means I’ve gotten here. The method I got right here takes 42 years! My “name is made” together with reality BONEZ and my genetics are a result of the life I have actually lived! This being a fact, we offer some actually reasonable run strains, strains that have often less then 200 beanz readily available, EVER! We believe it’s everything about getting you, our friends, the very best genetics possible, even if there’s only less then 200 worldwide. After they’re gone, we set up a new strain! This design of supplying strains is ours alone! Only a seed auction website can contrast to our Bean Boyz options, selections that change practically weekly! This is of the biggest benefit to you, exactly how could it not be? Only a small, committed, compulsive team of “one of a kind people” will produce genetics such as “United States” included with BeanBoyz Genetics.
I have been dealing with me a few of the best underground breeders in North America. I’ve called these individuals “Karma Kingz.” It is my belief that the very best dank in North America does not come for professional breeders, nor by reproducing beanz in significant numberz. My belief is that the very best dank lays in the fingers of small, underground breeders that keep to themselves and their buddies. Numerous of today’s most prominent strains began in this way. Mass Super Skunk, Chemdawg, Blueberry to call however a couple of.
An additional huge difference right here at BBG is we think that you, as a canna customer, must have the ability to talk in real time to the individual that created the genetics you’re interested in! Talking with our head breeder, which would be mezz, or any of the involved people in producing our BBG strains ought to be available anytime for questioning, assistance, or simply to state, “JUMF!”.
We genuinely think that if possible, we run BBG from the perspective of the customer, and the best ways to be the greatest “Genetic Hookupz” out there today! If we were purchasing off the internet, exactly what would be the ideal way to have a beanz supplier offer with “United States”? Bean Boyz is our response! For sure you’ll never find a lot of “rock starz” kinds rolling around BBG. We are extremely proud of our genetics, and hope each and every client will feel the exact same! If for any sort of reason not, we promise to reimburse your cash, or supply you with a free of cost strain till you do get just what you believe is the best DANK! WORD! So feel free of cost to hook it upz with me, or any of our Karma Kingz!

Time out.

Okay, now about costs of genetics. I’m unsure exactly what any sort of hold can be. As far as I’m notified, nobody is obliged to purchase anybody’s genetics. The cost is listed, the customers chooses if they wish to pay the cost. That appears grownup, and without sufferer. Think just what you would of me, but I work my tail off producing these strains, and running a site, or even creating one, promoting to obtain your name out there together with your strains in the right hands is challenging at finest, and nearly impossible at worse. To market on a single site, such as Weed Society expense 1000’s of dollars! The expense of a 1/4 web page in Skunk for 4 month’s is 1000’s of dollars. The costs of running a professional grow program, and the supplies that are required, consisting of bulbs, ballasts, and all the products that go along with producing quality beanz is extremely pricey.
I, personally would charge 1000 $ per pac if I can get it! I suggest if someone would pay me for them, I would offer them at that price! No shame either when taking the cash! So, all of us ask exactly what we believe we could get for our work, or I do.

I believe it is my right to obtain as much for my “Genetic Artwork” as the market will enable. This is how art is offered today, no matter what type it appearz in. I see no limitation as to just what could be charged for marijuana beanz. Let the market be the decider.
This is exactly how all items are offered in the market, why should cannabis seedz be various? Finally, there is a brand-new trend in investing in canna strains. Individuals purchase pacs without ever meaning to expand them. They accumulate them, waiting for the marketplace to run out, then putting them upz for sale on auction sites, frequentlies asking double exactly what was paid, and getting it effortlessly! The buyer will most likely do the exact same thing two months later on! I’ve seen pacs sold at 250 $ being purchased at 1500 $ 6 months later! Why is this bad? What, because we are pot smokers? We shouldn’t get more than 20 $ a pac? Why did Picasso get 25,000 $ for a quick pen ink drawing of a bull? Since he could. I see no difference with my art workz. We will constantly provide genetics at different levels of price. We ask you to not perplex this with quality! It is quality if it has BBG’s name on it! Many things contribute to prices, there will constantly be strains upz at 50-60 $. We will in time additionally provide Limited Additions of collectable, financial investment strains at much higher prices. These aren’t for everybody, nor are they expected to be.
Enzo Ferrari did an outstanding thing back time ago, he declined to sell his artwork to just anyone that had cash! Believe it! It was a master marketing move! To purchase a Ferrari, one needed to show to Enzo that one was qualified to own a Ferrari!
There is a waiting listing of 3 years to get a Ferrari by certified buyerz! What gives Enzo the right to approach the market in this way? A visionary? A Professional? The reality will remain, Art work can cost whatever the marketplace will permit, and them that do not want to purchase can at the top end of prices, can buy at a lesser end. Reality. If BeanBoyz Releases it, you are guaranteed that the dank grown is the similar that we here smoke day after day. WORD!

Last, however surely not least, by being small, we are the only outlet for our BeanBoyz Genetics. There is no middle man between exactly what we develop and the customer! I, personally analyze each and every beanz, finger rolling them to insure that they not be hollow, and attempt to supply all the beanz with similar visual qualities. In other words, not a huge one then a small one, then a light one then a dark one. They will all be of the same kind as much as feasible. We consist of 3 additions, making our BBG pacs 13, instead of 10. Whether you are a beginner, or a pro, you’ll have no concerns with germination rates. Or, male to female rates. In reality the primary complaint is where’s the males? Frequentlies 8 out of 10 will be female! This is due to the fact that of the low worry, organic method in which they were developed. My strains are 85 % produced out doors, which make them strong Mo Fuckerz! No sissies right here! So Our Hand To Yours! WORD!
Lastly, this is your website as much as mine. Things can be uploaded in real time, unedited, and of whatever you wish to say, talk about, or juss express yourself. On the BeanBoyz website, I direct “Movies” in which many things are talked about, and different personalities making their looks. My CrewChief, Pezzy Dread, “Tops” Jah Lion to call but afew will be making themselves well known, not by merely exactly what they compose, however also by the drop dick strains they have and will create.
Pezzy Dread has currently dropped several strains and will have lots of even more soon come! The Lion roars, he will too!
So have fun, check out the various offerings, and prepare for our BeanBoyz Life Design to make an appearance! All of us have a life outside the growroom. The more textured, intriguing your outside life is, the better dank you’ll expand!
Do not come to be The Uni Grower! Live a Machiavellian life!
And JUMF’S GYBBO … “US” A Place To Grow!
BattZ ~.

Bean Boyz Genetics … “A Spot to Grow … since’ 74.”.


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3 thoughts on “Bean Boyz Review”

  1. it is amazing ..all 5 stars across the board.. their gemetics are so awesome ..their owner operater breeder… battman it such an amazing individual.. he is on the site and responds to everyone with lightning speed.. usually the orders are sent by the actual breeder and are at your door step in 7 days ..his site is different that all sites ive seen with his stories alone….super cheap prices and 13 a pack with loads of freebies and special offers .. this site is worth being on this list….. jah up mo fucs as battman would say..

  2. All Herms bad breeder all around ….. There all about the money and that’s why the mans aka battman is in prison since he ripped so many off with junk genetics and bad breeding everyone knows and I’f ya don’t then better ask somebody cause these people are hacks and backstabbers that’s why you have not seen there names out there the comment above was from his buddy or himself obviously since we all know who have wasted time with there BEANs that there junk

  3. Oh now I see the person above was one of his breeders as you all know already if ya don’t do a search and ya will see PZ or peezy dreads is part of the bbg crew or was but now is dirty water organics since the names so bad he’s under a new name

    Peace and stay lifted

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