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Canadian hemp co cannabis seeds Review

Canadian hemp co cannabis seeds Review

Canadian hemp co Review
Canadian hemp co Review

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Welcome to Canadian hemp co cannabis seeds Review
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Warning it has come to the attention of Best Seed Bank that CANADIAN HEMP is a possible scam site, Buyer Beware

Canadian hemp co marijuana seeds to usa Yes we ship seeds to the united states The United States of America (commonly referred to as the United States, the U.S., the USA, or America) is a federal constitutional republic comprising fifty states and a federal district. The country is situated mostly in central North America, where its forty-eight contiguous states and Washington, D.C., the capital district, lie between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, bordered by Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. The state of Alaska is in the northwest of the continent, with Canada to its east and Russia to the west across the Bering Strait. The state of Hawaii is an archipelago in the mid-Pacific. The country also possesses several territories, or insular areas, scattered around the Caribbean and Pacific. Canadian hemp co

Warning it has come to the attention of Best Seed Bank that CANADIAN HEMP is a possible scam site, Buyer Beware

Our seeds are used to grow Cannabis (Marijuana) for medical purposes.Γ‚  All varieties have 10 seeds per pack. Place an alternate selection or your reasons for ordering what you did (ex: short plant or purple buds or heavy indica), in the “messages area” in case a substitution is necessary (or the choice will be made for you), or alternatively state Canadian hemp co “NO SUBSTITUTIONS”

# Blunt Wraps
# Cannabis Seeds medical
# Cannabis Videos and books
# Detox P (pass your drug test)
# EMF protection
# Entheogen cremes soaps lotion
# Entheogens
# Hash making bags
# Hemp clothing
# Hemp products
# Magic Mushroom Kits
# Marijuana Pipes
# Marijuana Seeds
# pipe accessories
# Rolling papers
# Scales

Canadian hemp co

Warning it has come to the attention of Best Seed Bank that CANADIAN HEMP CO is a possible scam site, Buyer Beware

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23 thoughts on “Canadian hemp co cannabis seeds Review”

  1. I placed my order on Mar 28/10 and as of June 26/10 I’m still trying to get my order finished. They wont give out a phone number so you have to wait several days for a reply. I’ve sent 23 emails for this one order. Sad thing is they say they are Canadian but they are just a satellite for a dutch company. Dont order from them. Treating Yourself magazine issue 23 page 20 says they are a scam site

  2. Ordered mushroom kit took 8 weeks to get half my order 3 months still waiting for rest to show up, no response from company on were rest of order is… Do not buy mushroom kit from these people the kit does not compare to other kits out there, it’s a scam…

  3. this website is a complete scam. they will email you and tell you they guarentee their stuff, but it’s a lie. i ordered from them 01/2011. i recieved a bunch of crushed seeds, and sent them back. they wont refund my money and they don’t send you anythng else. my stuff was packaged in between two broken pieces of plastick. canadian hemp co IS A SCAM!!!

  4. Canadian hemp= scam city. my web page was [watermelon by christon].Ordered once ,got billed twice, and got 1/2 the order. I dont even want to invest 4 months with the product I got. Do not give them your cc info. You can do better. PS, dont open any delivery confirmation from fed ex as it contains a virus. Thanks Ron

    1. Did an order in 1995 and it came within 7 days did an order in 1998 the order took two weeks did an order in 2001 order took three weeks did an order in 2002 took four weeks did an order in 2005 took four weeks did an order in 2007 took three weeks did an order in 2009 took five weeks did an order in july 2011 took one week so delivery all over the map the order in 2001 had crushed seeds they replaced but took three weeks to get replacements probably averaged 60% germination over all the orders i love the selection so i keep going back nobody else has these strains but they need to speed delivery

      1. Chances are you did not recieve the real strains to begin with. 60% germination is horrible. They claim to have our strains not even humanily possible! One strain they claim to have is CREMA. New World Seeds has never made Crema avaliable to the pubic in any form. Always require to recieve your seeds in the original packaging if you dont you will be ripped off! Sorry man but I doubt you got the real seeds. There are reputable honest seed companies out there but they are a 100% scam.

  5. Beware of these websites – they are all BOGUS:

    The Canadian Hemp Co keeps mutating in hopes of evading the public eye. They are a well-known rip-off seed website that is constantly adding new clone websites in order to keep on “evading capture”.

    Here are the many clone websites of the original Canadian Hemp Company that offer the same ridiculous assortment of entheogens, EMF protection equipment, coca seeds, Peyote, and live plants in addition to virtually every variety of cannabis seed available.

    All websites, no matter what they are named or how they are designed share these items in common in addition to the “Want to be a millionaire?” ploy that offers 1 million cannabis seeds for $35,000 USD. Google keywords like “EMF Protection” and about two pages of search results later you’ll find these sites pooping up. Google this search term string, “Want to be a Millionaire marijuana seed”, and almost everyone of the Canadian Hemp Company clone scamsites will show up beginning on the first page of search results (the first ten results) and on through the 5th page of search results (the 40-50th results).

    And as Shantibaba of Mr. Nice Seeds mentioned in an earlier reply on this and other THC Farmer forum threads,[I][B] not one[/B][/I] of these sites is certified by him to offer Mr. Nice seeds. Yet they still do…

    BEWARE: this is a bogus seed site and several farmers have been ripped off by them.

    For those just picking up on this thread concerning bogus, rip-off seed websites, here again is the original fake seed sales site and its clones:

    Canadian Hemp Co

    Seedman marijuana seeds boutique

    Twist of Nature

    Ashley Pink

    Andover Modern

    Hightimes.Us – An Upscale Boutique

    Attidude seeds – super seedbank worlds largest seed shop

    Web Shop – automatic feminized seeds shipped worldwide

    Anti-Age Cream – Marijuana seeds shipped worldwide

    Marijuana Seeds – One million potent cannabis seeds $35,000.00 USD


    Web Shop – automatic feminized seeds shipped worldwide

    420 Seed – Cannabis seeds sent worldwide big seeds big strains

    Cannabis Genetics – Cannabis seeds straight to your grow room

    Blue Lotus – Cherry Zen

    Aberdeen Neutral – America cannabis seed

    Web Shop – Amanita Mushroom

    Sophy Blue – Marijuana and Erythro coca seeds shipped stealth

    Champion Seeds – Mr. Nice Seeds

    I am sure in a week or two there will be more. Some of these clones were done using this company’s nifty e-commerce template software: They certainly have no part in it other than software template like these are easily produced, many companies offer similar template software, and can be up and running on the net in days, even hours, as long as you have a URL, a host, and a credit card.

    It makes sense that companies like these setting internet fishing traps would soon proliferate. Thousands of medical marijuana patients are buying their own seed in order to grow at home. The steadfast farmers on THC Farmer and other forums are a small minority compared to the ever-increasing “legal” patients who are illegally ordering cannabis seeds.

    These scam sites won’t find many folks calling the Better Business Bureau, the police, or Interpol once they’ve been ripped now will they? They take the money and run. If you go to WHOIS you can discover who owns and runs these websites. I won’t spoil your fun if you have “ideas”.

  6. CanadianHempCo is a rip off please avoid at all costs. They claim to have “copies” of authentic Gage Green seeds but there is no way they could have made copies of many of those genetics.

    Avoid at all cost.

    1. I feel your experience! NEW WORLD SEEDS has not even released the CREMA strain to the public in any form but they claim to have it? Not even humanily possible! Have a good one from NWS.

  7. Canadian Hemp Co IS ABSOLUTELY A SCAM!!
    They overcharged my CC and are using a fake front out of Santa Anita, CA.
    Call their # 714-425-9612 as listed on my Credit Card statement. Find out for yourself.


  8. i ordered cannatonic on sep28 2012, oct 5 at my door. sent from vancouver. was very scared i would get scammed after only reading reviews after having placed my order.
    cant say anything bad…emails were answered within 2 days, surprised that it came that fast, packaging was great. just remains to see how the girls turn out.

    1. This is new world seeds. Chances are you did not recieve the real or original companies seeds! They claim to have my strains from new world seeds and thats 100% not true! The strain Crema they have has never been made public by NWS. Beware of these scam artist!

  9. This is New World Seeds. This company has not the permission or the actaual strains they claim to have from NWS!!! OBAMANATOR was released for the 1st time to anyone ever on 11-01-12. To this day CREMA has never been released EVER!!! This site and company are a total fraudulent SCAM!!! The only place in the world you can get OBAMANATOR from is NEW WORLD SEEDS Traverse city Michigan! CREMA has yet to be released! Beware!!! This company is a total SCAM!!! From NEW WORLD SEEDS Traverse city Michigan.

  10. I feel the pain of anyone who buys or has bought from this company, they are a total scam!

    I can personally confirm New World Seeds statement above. I live in Traverse City, Mi USA, and know the man himself quite well. Being one of the very few to try Obominator I know he has JUST started releasing seeds and anything you have tried in a state dispensary or from a seed bank is a total fake. Don’t let these influence your thoughts on this gentlemans work as he is quite a knowledgable breeder and in general just a great man to sit and talk with about anything herb related. πŸ™‚

    So if you want real genetics STAY AWAY from Canadian Hemp Co!

    Enjoy brothers and sister and light up!

  11. This site is good for one thing…just think of some long gone seed company that everyone use to love and put it in their search box….still have Joey weed and Bros. Grimm (legendary c99 is on sale for $155)….no need to rush there are 387 packs in stock. If my memory is correct Joey only sold at HD.

  12. Ordered from them 3 weeks ago and nothing yet. I live about a 30 minute drive from their public address in B.C, so it should have taken 3-5 days at most! Then I find this and another review site all with the same tone. Glad I only bought a β€œtest” bean from them. Still it’s 20 bucks of skin to collect + daily accruing interest. Found a reputable and solid seller through now proper research. Good plan to order from seedbank within Canada or better yet an actual physical store/ headshop where they sell quality merch and will accept returns. There is a special place in hell for curs who peda/swindlel shoddy refreshments. This is beyond contemptable even for the devil!.







  13. 1 computer geek and 1 private dick and these thieving low lifes would be held accountable vigilante style. Not by me of course. I obey the law and recommend everyone else do so as well.

  14. One of my guys did a buy there in 2012 as he wanted their Spice Bros’ Green Giant that eluded him from ’07 – ’09 so he paid 88$fer 10 seeds and got like over 40, 15 that was supposed to be GG(we always put in a few xtras, it said) and over 25 freebie seeds, apparently crosses with the GG. When he grew them out he could see there was definately something wrong, it’s a little difficult to spot in the veg-fase but when flowered, you could tell that this was birdseeds aka HEMP SEEDS. He tried to contact them but they’ve taken his money, like so many others and was out of reach, so an expensive lesson, but not devastating. But I mean now they’ve run atleast fer the past 8 years, and they must laugh all the to the bank and travel agency, where they’re buying a trip around the world fer the like 10th time, and all with money that comes from their purchase in the local pet shop, where they get Γ‘ kilo of birdseeds/hempseeds fer 5$ tops. Such a sack they can turn into 50,000 to 100,000 depending at what prices people buy seeds to. It’s a mystery to me how such a lowlife can keep up doing what he is doing, when I think of dispensaries with everything in order, get raided and closed, but these canadian Bonnie and Clyde is living the high life, paid for among others, by sick people yes since CBD emerged, they were on it like flies on shit advertizing CBD- strains, paradoxically, it is perhaps the closest to the truth, without they actually knows, with the CBD% being relatively high in Hemp strains. But people that lives on scamming the sick has in my book lost their membership of the human race, they should be outlawed and be hunted down like the jackals they are and then exhibited on the main square like in the old days where people could spit on them and give vent to their aggression. I’m not a fan snitching people but in this exact case these people have been scamming fer a decade without any retaliation whatsoever. If it had been a food store that sold bad or intended mislabelled edibles, the store had been closed and the owners jailed immidiately. But because this is still a grey area, apparently you can do whatever you want, even commit fraud using the postal service, I was in the belief that it was actually seen as a serious offense, but no these scam artists keep operating stealing hard earned money from small growers, I think that we can agree that it’s not managers and directors who have a home grow running. THEY SHOULD BE STOPPED, one way or the other, starting with advertising.

  15. This site is run by Chinese mob, they are 100% scam. i ordered a few packs, they were little white seeds and immature and not in breeder package. After doing research i found out they are a huge scam site.







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