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Castle Marijuana Seeds Review

Castle Marijuana Seeds

castle marijuana seeds review

Castle Marijuana Seeds

Dear Friends,

Dear Friends,.
Castle Marijuana Seeds Picking a seed bank is a choice based upon depend on. I pledge to you that I will certainly do everything in my power to gain and keep that count on. Allow me to discuss my philosophy before you determine to trust us, then do your own research to discover for yourself if my viewpoint of my business agrees with that of my consumers.
Consider and research our listing of seed banks. Their credibilities are exceptional. I have and will certainly get rid of any sort of seed bank which does not fulfill my well-known high requirements. Like any type of credible seed merchant we need to respect our suppliers RRPs.

However, our complimentary shipping on orders over 50 permits us to assure you will certainly not locate anybody who can beat our rate for your order.
Castle Marijuana Seeds ship worldwide and all our shipping choices are cost-free for orders over 50. As long as you pick licensed mail (which additionally happens to be cost-free!) then I will personally guarantee the safe and prompt landing of your seeds.

Or change your seeds complimentary of charge if for any reason your cannabis seeds fail to reach you within 21 days then we will certainly reimburse you in full.
Castle Cannabis Seeds ship from the UK. Parcels arising from the UK bring in far less attention than packages delivered from The Netherlands. The strength of my assurance ensures that stealth is as vital to me as it is to you. Less than 1 % of our orders fail to reach their destination after all, we have to pay for them if they do not show up securely!
In essence my center worth’s revolve around service, depend on and quality. I personally promise my company will certainly never differ these ideals. In the extremely unlikely occasion that we do make a blunder, we will certainly endeavor to place it right promptly and generously.
Castle Marijuana Seeds will do everything in our power to place your custom prior to our advantage and offer you with the kind of service your patronage deserves.
My genuine thanks,.


2.5/5 (2)
2.5/5 (2)
2/5 (2)
4/5 (2)
4.5/5 (2)

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16 thoughts on “Castle Marijuana Seeds Review”

  1. I ordered from Castle, Attitude and Speedy Seedz at the same time; Attitude arrived first, followed closely by Castle; Speedy never arrived. Castle’s seeds were the best quality, 100% germ, high female ratio. Prices comparable to Attitude, sometimes better selection. Singles offered on most strains. Highly recommended.

  2. I ordered several seeds in mid-June after Castle had expanded their selections. The process was very easy and I appreciated the free tracked shipping, especially as it had a non-signature-required option.

    My credit card cleared on a Monday, the seeds were in New York on Wednesday, and in Texas on the following Monday. Impressive.

    I soaked 3 last Tuesday, planted them on Wednesday and all are up and growing today. (A Monday.)

  3. I’ve placed a large order, $1,500, with them about 6 months ago and it took about 2 weeks to get to me here in the USA. The first seeds I planted for my harvest went great, 20 seeds, every single seed germinated. Now none of the seeds are germinating correctly, the taps break the seeds but no actual roots and they don’t break the surface. Probably my fault. Great prices and great stealth delivery.

    1. i have ordered from castle two times the speed of delivery was ok prices great too, but i would not order from them if they were the only company left on the planet. i ordered critikal kush and nl special one germed the other opened and done nothen dont make the same mistake i did twice.

  4. This seed bank is a rip off. The seeds did not come up an they will not even make it right.The prices are more than other banks i have tried.So do not waste your time or money with castle.STOP CASTLE IS A RIP OFF THE WORST SITE I EVER USED NEVER EVER AGAIN!!!!!

    I purchased 30 seeds and not one came up. So i wrote them and all i got was some BS an run around telling me to contact the seed bank.I purchased them from castle so castle should make them right.SO DO NOT PURCHASE FROM CASTLE THEY SUCK. SO IF YOU WANT A GOOD SEED BANK GO TO HIGH GRADE SEEDS THEY MADE IT RIGHT WHEN THE SEEDS DID NOT COME UP.

  5. I’ve ordered from Castle Seeds on 2 occasions. Out of 60 seeds, only 2 haven’t germinated and grown well. I am very happy with the results!

  6. Just received Castle order to USA after 7 days. Great prices and free shipping. You could go to a site with free seeds or you can pick your own with this pick n mix site. They include pieces of the seed packs which I like because you know they at least had packs to take seeds from. The packages are stealth, but if customs opens them they won’t have a hard time finding the seeds, like with most sites, but still definitely a stealth service.

  7. I cant get Castles email address they have posted to work. For one Ive never seen an email address written this way. [email protected] this makes me question if I made a mistake ordering from them. Though post Ive read say they are legit. Can anyone help me out please. Desperit.

    (I too have tried to use there email address and haven’t had a reply Billy Admin)

  8. OK Robert and Bob of whom I am sure is the same
    person it is not Castles fault research your beans
    castle carries many beans from many banks
    some good some bad it is up to to discern the difference
    example Royal Queen=good KC Brains=bad
    I have been with castle for 5 years
    every bean I ordered was the strain described
    even when I ordered single seeds
    if they are from good banks they will pop
    as castle is not the breeder of the seeds
    he is just a distributor and last article here British
    seed dealers cannot discuss germination I do not want to lose
    my seed guy because of your bullshit you boob.
    read the disclaimer Einstein

    Remember, we cannot reply to any emails that contain,
    mention or imply the germination and / or growing of seeds.
    If you have questions about the website,
    your order, delivery times, etc. please consult the FAQ first!

  9. East Coast USA. I can now vouch for the seed legitimacy. The seeds are 100% as given from the individual breeders. The owner seems like a reasonable guy too. I often look at other sites and I can always get a better price from castle, even including other sites big freebie specials. The only problem I have with Castle is the stealth method because it doesn’t go the extra mile but it’s still perfectly stealth. Easily the most underrated seedbank.

  10. I may be moving to Colorado soon and need to order do you have a phone number ? Where are you located? How do I order?

  11. I planned on working with castle as a primary seed provider up until my last order which was placed by one of my patients. I uasually have orders sent to my home no signature but my patient decided he wanted a signature unaware of my patients name but aware I had seeds coming my mother whom was visiting with me was home to sign for my seeds but when she saw the name (which was unfamiliar to her )she rejected the package.It was sent back to castle I wrote them a note instructing them to please send the package again the same way several other seed packages have come to me no signature required. My patient called them as well asking them to do the same. they resent the package but the postal service decided for whatever reason to not deliver as it was once again sent signature required as I instructed them to not not sure what the us postal service did with it weither it was sent back??. now my patients room is built but my seeds are still not here 3 months later all because multiple people refuse to listen to me when I gave them simple instructions.I will be ordering for my future patients from attitude if this is not fixed immediately I have ordered several thousand dollars in seeds in the past so I guess it will be castles loss..







  12. yes I’ve been looking for auto fem seeds but couldn’t find any good offer as you seed bank but i went to a hemp fest bought 5 seed purple poison strain any way out of 5 -2 pop ,i was very disappointed seed bank came from dn south cal but he had no business ard and also did have any auto fem seeds so i bought this strain and was tld it shouldn’t get tall cause my grow tent is 32x32x64″ i honestly told him and he said that he no believe in this auto fem took his word but when i atarted to germinate seeds out of 5 only 2 pop i guess i’ll lose out because he had no business card or what so ever. how much of a guarantee are your seed bank on when i purchase seeds for your bank is on reproducing during germinating? i germinate my seeds the paper towel way but like i say how much of an guarantee i will be when i decide to buy seeds from castle marijuana seed bank?? please inform me on what i can exspect my seeds to germinated through your seed bank.

    if i order seeds from your company how will it be send by fed ex,ups,or just plain mail????

  13. you can’t hold Castle responsible for germination issues ! all seeds I ever purchased through Castle were exactly as advertised. germination issues are between seed BREEDER and seed GARDENER.







  14. So far I like Castle. Their site has some weaknesses though. No currency converter & hard to find order status. Also I couldn’t find their mailing address. The site needs some upgrades.

    Communication is pretty good.

    I have an order pending. I’ll give them a whirl & get back.

    Castle carries FastBud Autos if any one is looking. From the FastBuds site, their pictures are stellar! Hope when I order some of FB’s auto Girl Scout Cookies they look the same as the pics! πŸ˜‰

    If the seeds are messed up, it’ll be on FastBuds, not the site I get them from. FB’s stuff is kinda pricey, so I am looking for the best price at diff sites. FB is in California, but they only sell to banks, according to their site. So FB has to send the beans across then pond & the bank has to send them back. US law is for the birds. Including the one on each hand.

    Don’t get me started…;-)


    Left rating sections blank as I have not grown any beans from Castle yet or finished my order..

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