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The Downside Of High

The Downside Of High

Young adults who begin smoking marijuana prior to the age of sixteen are 4 times most likely to end up being
schizophrenic. That’s the startling conclusion of some of the world’s top schizophrenia professionals, whose study
is included in the brand-new documentary The Downside of High Documentary

The researchers’ ground breaking work on the connectivity in between cannabis and psychological illness also discloses that,.
for all young people, smoking marijuana almost doubles the danger of establishing recurring psychosis, paranoia and.
hallucinations– the hallmarks of schizophrenia.

The Downside Of High
The Downside Of High

THE DOWNSIDE OF HIGH, directed and composed by Bruce Mohun, tells the tales of 3 young individuals from
British Columbia who believe– together with their physicians– that their psychological ailment was caused by marijuana
use. All three invested months in healthcare facility psychiatric wards, and still wage a struggle with their disease. Today’s.
super-potent pot might be a big part of the trouble. Modern growing techniques have significantly enhanced.
the amount of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis– ramping up the danger to the developing.
teenage brain.

There’s an intriguing twist to the tale: in the process of growing even more powerful strains of pot, growers have
Been breeding out a little-known ingredient called cannabidiol that appears to buffer the effects of THC. So today’s high-octane pot really includes a double-whammy– even more psychosis-producing THC, and less of the
safety CBD or cannabidiol.

THE DOWNSIDE OF HIGH is the current documentary from the Gemini Award-winning production company
Dreamfilm Productions of Vancouver. Dreamfilm’s documentary Peace Warrior, about Canadian soldier Capt.
Trevor Greene, won the 2009 Gemini Award for Best Biography Documentary. It follows Trevor through brain
injury rehabilitation following a horrendous axe attack to the head while he was serving in Afghanistan. Other
prize-winning Dreamfilm documentaries include: Desperately Seeking Doctors, about the crucial scarcity of
household physicians in Canada, directed by Sharon Bartlett and Maria LeRose; Embracing Bob’s Killer, about
a widow who forgives her spouse’s killer, directed by Helen Slinger; and Depression: Fighting the Dragon,.
about ground breaking therapies for depression, directed by Sue Ridout. Upcoming Dreamfilm documentaries.
include Hyper Parents & Coddled Kids, about over-parenting, directed by Sharon Bartlett and Maria LeRose, and.
Thoroughly Modern Marriage, about whether marital relationship as an organization is worth conserving, directed by Sue Ridout.


THE DOWNSIDE OF HIGH is directed and written by Bruce Mohun, story-produced by Maureen Palmer, and
produced by Sue Ridout. It is told by David Suzuki. The Director of Photography is John Collins, Editor
is Tim Wanlin, and the original music rating is made up by Tim McCauley. For CBC, the Executive Producer,.
Science & Natural History Unit is Michael Allder; Senior Producer is FM Morrison.
THE DOWNSIDE OF HIGH is produced by Dreamfilm Productions Ltd. in association with the Canadian.
Broadcasting Corporation. Produced with the involvement of the Canadian Television Fund developed by the.
Government of Canada and the Canadian cable industry, the Province of British Columbia Film Incentive BC,.
and the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit Program. CBC Learning distributes the program.



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