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Hemcy Seed Company

Hemcy Seed Company

Hemcy Seed Company

Hemcy Have Ceased Trading 

Hemcy Seed Company Genetics are the result of more than 15 years of Dutch growing experience. We maintain strict selection criteria on characteristics such as potency and taste. Every individual seed is selected with the utmost care and they produce the strongest plants available on the market today.

Our seed collection consists of stable F1-Hybrids that possess the so-called “Hybrid Vigor” and consists of uniform plants. The art of growing starts with choosing top quality marijuana seeds. Over the years we have gained a lot of cultivating experience and we have emerged as a creditable source for Supreme Quality Cannabis Seeds. Hemcy Genetics have especially been bred to produce a pleasant smoking experience. All our seeds are cultivated biologically and can be grown indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse.

Method of payment

You can send cash by mail. Do not send express mail or parcel service, they cannot deliver to our PO Box. Please send normal airmail, priority or registered mail. Use a strong envelope and wrap the bills properly. Send to HEMCY, PO Box 48, 5480 AA, Schijndel, Holland (Europe). With cash payment please add Euro 5 or US $ 5 to the total amount.

You can also send a Check or International Money Order. We no longer accept personal bank checks, only pre-paid Money Orders. Make sure to fill it out completely, including date and signature. Make out and send to HEMCY SC, PO Box 48, 5480 AA, Schijndel, Holland (Europe). We can not accept Travelers Checks! With a cheque or IMO please add Euro 15 or US $ 20 to the total amount.

You can wire payment by transferring it from your bank account to ours. Deposit on to bank account 621808954 ABN-AMRO bank. BIC or Swift code ABNANL2A. IBAN code: NL98ABNA0621808954. In the name of HEMCY SC, Schijndel, Holland. Make sure to specify on the transfer form that the sender pays for the money transfer. Bank payments take 1 or 2 days, please add Euro / USD 5 to the total amount.


As soon as we receive full payment, we will send your order.
If you decide to send cash or a cheque, we cannot be responsible for loss.

Hemcy Seed Company


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9 thoughts on “Hemcy Seed Company”

  1. Waz Sup? Gain a brain and back away from Hemcy as if they were a rattle SNAKE! I’m still waiting for 2 orders from 2007. These
    rippoffs,have still never cared to make it right,why?They’ve been given countless chances
    to do something??? The worst bean buying I’ve ever been through! I only fly with ATTITUDE!! now. NUF SAID THANKX

  2. I’m not sure about the guy above me and what he dealt with but these guys have been MORE than friendly, shipped out my order fast and are working to help Medical Patients down here in California out of the generosity and care of their big hearts! They will have many friends for life! I would trust my money with them ANY day of the week.

  3. Arrived quickly. Packaged well, all the seeds germinated good female ratio. I ordered Alpha and The Inca and am happy with their flowering.

  4. The only reason I wouldn’t order from Hemcy is if I wanted a
    strain they didn’t have. They are second to none in all aspects.
    I don’t know what this “Flintstoner” cat encountered but after
    reading his comment, I’m guessing maybe he misspelled his re-
    turn address.

  5. Dealt with Hemcy for years now…no other bank comes close to the quality. Prices are a bit higher but that is the cost of true quality and if you are gonna do it right, quality is a MUST ! It was pure luck I found them as I had to send cash (scary). I took a chance the first time and it has paid off many times over with Hemcy. Customer and friend for life.

  6. Hemcy used to be reliable and always sent a good product. That is not the case anymore. They failed to send Outsider at first and when I contacted them they did send seeds but they were the wrong kind. After all of my work and wait they did not even bud. They were clearly not Outsider at all. Probably some indoor variety unsuitable for a northern climate. They did not respond to my e-mail after that. They are now a rip off seed seller. Avoid!

  7. Hello again, have ordered from you before, like your northern lights and white widow. I see you now carry seeds of others including serious seed. If I am correct what do you get for a package of chronic? Also your white widow seed. How much. I’m in Michigan usa.thanks hemcy.

  8. why cant I find hemcy this year?? been buying from them for 10 years now I cant find them…ordered from another company seeds would not crack so far 0 to grow..somebody let me know about hemcy or a good seed supplier…thanks mike

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