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How to make your own Cannabis Oil the Quick and Easy Way


How to make your own Cannabis Oil
How to make your own Cannabis Oil

How to make your own Cannabis Oil, In addition to butter, cannabis oil is a common ingredient in cooking with cannabis.

And is a good way to effectively process its waste trim (small resinous leaves, small buds). You can also use the oil as dressing for salad or to fill capsules for on the go.

As the basis for the cannabis oil I prefer to use olive oil. During the process, care must be taken that the oil is not heated too high, as the THC will lose its effect.


1 l olive oil
150g cannabis (small leaves and buds)


Slice the cannabis, put the oil into a large saucepan and mix well. Set the oven to 90 ยฐ. Place the saucepan with lid in the oven and simmer for 12 hours.

Each hour briefly take out of the oven and stir the cannabis oil mix. After 12 hours, remove the pan from the oven and run the oil mixture through a sieve pressing the cannabis firmly to remove as much oil as possible.
Fill the oil into a sealable container and keep in the refrigerator.

Cannabis oil ready to strain
Cannabis oil ready to strain

As already mentioned in the beginning of this post, the cannabis oil can be added during cooking instead of normal oil or it can be used as a dressing for a delicious summer salad with a kick.




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5 thoughts on “How to make your own Cannabis Oil the Quick and Easy Way”

  1. If i use average head and head leaf how much oil should I use for say 1 once of bud and 2 ounces of kiff im a big consumer of the most magic pain relief non farmicutcal god sent ever im 45 with a double spinal fusion with two disc’s replacsd and didn’t work hate pills from the chemist and not allowed to have barbiturates anymore so all the help is very appreciated been a smoker since i was 12 so can you please help thankmark (poorakaman)

  2. Hello Mark,

    The strength of the mix is dependent on what cannabis strain you use but as a rule of thumb, If you want a stronger oil a easy guide is to have a 1 to 1 mix, meaning if you had a cup of bud and trim use a cup of oil to make the cannabis oil. It needs a bit of trial and error to find what quantities will work for you, if you find a good mix call back and let us know.

    good luck


  3. For checking temps easy & quick, get a hand held laser thermometer. Point, the beam on what ya want to measure the temp on, pull the trigger & see what the temp is. I like mine for all kinds of stuff, from seeing my vehicle engine temp to finding out how hot leaves are if they are getting close to a hot grow light. You can get them at Walmart & hardware stores. Very handy, not overly expensive & easy to use.


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