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The Best Cannabutter Ever

The Best Cannabutter Ever


The Best Cannabutter Ever


Cannabis Butter or Cannabutter is the basis for many Medical Cannabis Recipes. Cannabutter could additionally be enjoyed on its own with some bread, on a potato, in a sandwich, essentially anything you would put butter on. Cannabis Butter is healthier for the human system than smoking is. Smoking Weed has actually been stated to not have any serious effects on humans, and in some individuals eyes if smoking marijuana did have debilitating side effects, these issues would have shown up by now, and in multitudes (look exactly what took place with cigarettes) however certainly where smoke exists, so is some hazardous chemicals, making most medical individuals decide on consuming their medicine rather than smoking it.

Gone are the days of separating water from butter, and butter from weed, the really educated individuals at GrowHouseBuilders and TheWeedScene show by the far the most efficient and most convenient Weed Butter Dish / Cannabutter Dish.

Cannabis Butter Ingredients:.

1/2lb – 1lb of Organic Butter.

20-28 grams of shake flour per 1/2lb of butter.


Deep Sauce Skillet / Pot.



Big Mason Jar w / Lid.

Cannabutter Directions:.

Action 1: Finely Grind your Buds, or Medical Leaves into a very fine flour.

Action 2: Conclude about 20-28 grams of shake flour per 1/2lb of butter in the cheesecloth.

Action 3: Fill Pot about 1/3 full of water and spot large mason container in pot.

Step 4: Put the Medical Cannabis Tea Bag into the Mason Jar.

Action 5: Add the 1/2 – 1lb of butter to the mason container.

Action 6: Let the weed butter simmer on reduced heat for 4-6 hours with periodic pressing and stirring on cheesecloth to help draw out the THC into the butter. (Be careful not to slit.
cheesecloth or you will have to strain with cheesecloth once again at the end).

Action 7: After the Weed Butter has simmered for 4-6 hours, you will need to remove Weed Bag from the butter, very carefully utilize tongs to eject butter from the saturated weed bag.

Action 8: At this point you can pick to strain the butter again with a various cheesecloth, but if it looks good than just pour the Weed butter into a bowl or plastic container so that you could put it into the refrigerator for cooling!

Step 9: Location bowl of Medicinal Marijuana Butter into the fridge and let harden. Presto! You have the globes finest Medical Cannabutter just waiting to be eaten!


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