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15 Facts about Cannabis Seeds

15 Facts about Cannabis Seeds
15 Facts about Cannabis Seeds
15 Facts about Cannabis Seeds, Seeds are hot! Growers are increasingly working with them. They have a  great advantage: you have a big choice of strain types, are not dependent on a cuttings, and no unwanted critters hitchhike on seeds.
Among other things…Here are 10 facts you may or may not know about your seeds.

15 Facts about Cannabis Seeds.


1. Seeds contain the crop rotation of the cannabis plant in the form of a genetic code, that is, the genotype of the plant. This DNA material usually consists of a mixture of the genes of two or three of the main types of cannabis. The main types are sativa, indica and ruderalis.

10 Facts about Cannabis Seeds2. Ruderalis genetics can be found in autoflowering species. This is because rudelaris is the only one of the three main species, which flowers on a time basis, and not on the basis of the length of the daily photoperiod. This feature, and the fact that rudelaris species are very strong, make it a popular plant to breed with.

3. Many commercial cannabis seeds have become feminized. This means that they probably produce female plants. Very useful for growers, because they do not grow more unwanted male plants.

4. Hemp oil is in many cosmetics and plastics, but is also used in the preparation of food. As it contains many essential fatty acids. It is made by pressing cannabis seeds, and is totally not psychoactive. You cant get high on it, too bad eh?

5. Seeds can be stored for years without much reduction in germination. If You keep them in a dark, dry, cool place. In the refrigerator in a light and air-tight packaging is perfect.

6. Seeds are easy to germinate. Once they get the chance, they will grow. The only thing they need is a bit of moisture, heat and time. Within 72 hours, most seeds germinated. 

7. The majority of the cannabis seeds on the market are hybrids. These are hybrids between two, or more other types. Land Races are the exception they are not hybrids, their genes have been formed by natural selection.

8. Laws on cannabis seeds vary from country to country. In the UK, cannabis seeds are perfectly legal, but abroad this is not always the case. So beware if you seeds sent to a foreign friend, or if you want to take seeds on holiday.

9. Archaeologists have found cannabis seeds in many places on earth. They have been found in the tombs of mummies from China and ships of the Vikings. Our forefathers like us loved the psychoactive effects of cannabis. This can be deduced from the fact that, the seeds were often found in people who did not make use of the fibers of the cannabis plant.

10 Facts about Cannabis Seeds

10. A typical Polish dish made from cannabis seeds. It is a soup and the name of the dish is siemieniotka. It is there a traditional dish for Christmas Eve.

11. Cannabis seeds possess an almost perfect balance of the vital fats. Including Omega 3, 6 and 9. These fats are crucial to human health and can not be produced by the body. That’s why you’ll often see pot seeds included in cereal or granola bars at the natural food store. There’s no distinction between the vital fats in common cannabis seeds and hemp seeds. Nevertheless cannabis seeds are a lot more extensive than hemp seeds just due to the fact that they consist of beneficial cannabinoids like THC.


 12. Hemp seeds contain up to 24% protein, and 30-40% oil by weight. The oil from marijuana is said to be the most unsaturated oil derived from the vegetable kingdom. Hemp oil consists of up to 81% of the polyunsaturated necessary fats (EFA’s) that are needed, however not produced by the human body.
13. A survey carried out in the EU showed that over 95% of hemp seed offered was used for animal feed and fishing bait. One line of thinking is that fish mistake the seeds for small black snails, and can be utilized as best bottom-feeder bait.
14.  Feminized cannabis seeds produce feminized, not female, plants, according to the proper scientific meanings. They are still in some cases referred to as ‘female seeds’. As all the plants they produce need to grow and flower like females, it is simple to see how the two names are utilized interchangeably.
15.  There is no noticeable difference between standard marijuana seeds, feminized marijuana seeds and autoflowering marijuana seeds, and seeds for growing commercial hemp plants. For this reason, purchase your marijuana seeds from a reliable seed bank  check out  seed bank reviews so you know exactly what you’re getting.


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