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5 ways to increase the yield of any marijuana variety

All growers no matter how experienced they are would like to get a bigger cannabis crop for less money, time and effort.

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5 ways to increase the yield of any marijuana variety. All growers no matter how experienced they are would like to get a bigger cannabis crop for less money, time and effort.

5 ways to increase the yield of any marijuana variety
5 ways to increase the yield

Of course, the choice of which cannabis strain you use will to a large extent determines how large your harvest will be at the end of your grow. Having said that there are some tips and tricks to increase the yield of any plant.

Consider these 5 ways to increase the yield of any marijuana variety.

Увеличить интенсивность света

How To Make Buds Bigger During Flowering.

Many growers are wondering how to increase the size, quantity, and density of their buds in order to ultimately rely on a more generous crop?.

In fact, the most effective way (in most cases) to increase the size and density of your buds during flowering is to increase the light intensity.

To simplify things, light, one might say, is the food for your cannabis plant. The conversion of light into energy through photosynthesis provides the energy the plants need for maximum growth. And formation of the best buds possible.

During the growing stage, plants that do not have enough light stretch up to the light, forming extra branches between the internodes (where the branches grow from the main stem).

Having reached a certain height, the plants tend to fall over, due to their spindly structure. In order for the plants to grow strong stems and branches, and the buds to form large and dense, you need to “feed” them with a lot of light.

But be aware though that If you simply give the plants a huge amount of light that they cannot absorb, then this will only do harm, they will burn, overheat, etc.

Therefore, you need to carefully probe the capabilities of plants, gradually increasing the light intensity and observing their reaction. until you find the sweet spot and you have the maximum amount of light on your buds.

There is one more card you can use up you’re sleeve. You can give plants the opportunity to absorb even more light. Do this by increasing the CO2 level in the grow room during the flowering period.

However, keep in mind that if you are not providing your plants with enough light, increasing CO2 levels will be a waste of time and money.  Also, you need to know that extra CO2 will only be of any use to you when you are at the stage where the leaves and buds can no longer absorb more light.

Training Plants To Grow Horizontally.


The main idea of ​​plant training is to create larger, wider bushes that will help bring a larger crop. One of the main benefits of this method is to achieve an equal height of the plant tops and, therefore, an equal distribution of light.

Using the common LST method, (Low Stress Training) plants will grow wider and flattened. When an LST plant is viewed from above, the plant will be densely covered with foliage, which will serve as a solar panel, receiving energy from your lights.

When using the LST method the bending of the plant stems and branches should be performed at an early age. As once the plants have already taken on a “Christmas tree shape” which means a triangular appearance with a main high cola.

One variation of LST is the SCROG (Screen of Green or Green Screen) technique. Using it, the whole plant will be exposed to the light and absorb it directly.

You need to train your plant with this method both at the veg stage and during the flowering stage. This will also lead to an increase in the yield with larger buds and, therefore, a generous harvest.

Give The Correct Fertilizer (and don’t overdo it!)

удобрение для почвы

We would all agree that plants need nutrients..But, unfortunately, the reality is that for various reasons, most growers overfeed their plants with nutrients.

This especially happens when growers mix many different fertilizers and additives together, without a clear understanding of what they really need. This has unfortunately been championed by many nutrient companies who have come out with various “essential nutrient additives”. Now not to be too cynical about it I believe their main objective isn’t to help you get bigger healthier buds but for them to get bigger healthier bank balances!.

At the most basic level, you need to learn how to determine how to when a plant is suffering an excess of fertilizer. Most often, this manifests itself in the form of a burn on the leaves.

plant is suffering an excess of fertilizer.
plant is suffering an excess of fertilizer.

Don’t Over Fertilize!!!.

I can’t stress this enough! Don’t Over Fertilize!!!. You should not consider nutrients as food for plants. Fertilizers can be compared with vitamins for people. And, as we have already found out, plants use light to produce energy.

In practice, it turns out that it is better to miss out on using fertilizer than it is to overfeed your plants. Many experienced growers have noticed that in order to get a better crop.  You will need to use the lower threshold of the dosage recommended by the manufacturers.

In addition, if you are growing from seed there is no need to increase the amount of nutrients. If only a single plant is showing signs of a mineral deficiency. And if growing in soil, a couple of weeks before the harvest, you should also reduce the usual amount of nutrients in order to lessen the harshness of the finished harvest

By the way, if you are growing in the soil, the best thing you can do is make your own compost, which will nourish the plants throughout the entire life cycle. It can be prepared completely in an organic way. And subsequently, you dont have to worry about nutrients and their deficiency.

Temperature And Humidity Control.

Контроль температуры и влажности

A favorable environment is vital for plant health, as well as for future crops. When the temperature (and to a lesser extent humidity) is too high or too low. Means the plants will not be able to grow correctly and the buds will not increase in size.

Too high a temperature during flowering also has a negative effect on the aroma. And the effect of your finished buds, burning out cannabinoids and terpenes. By controlling temperature and humidity, you can increase and improve the aroma and finished product.

If a light source harms plants (for example, by using a lamp that is too bright or too close). Then you can easily diagnose this by the appearance of the leaves that are next to it. They will begin to fade and acquire a brown color.

Wait For The Right Time To Harvest.

подходящее время для харвеста

When growing most varieties of cannabis, there is a 2-3 week window during which you can harvest. If you harvest before this “window”, the yield will decrease.

By allowing the buds to fully mature, it will increase the yield and be possible to maximize your total yield. Some growers have noticed that the buds increase 25% in size in the last 2-3 weeks before the harvest.

If you are impatient, you can deprive yourself of a significant amount from the final harvest. Another advantage of waiting for the right time to harvest.  Is the ability to control what effect the dried cannabis buds will have.

If you harvest early, you get a product suitable for daily use. If you wait for a later harvest the buds will have a more sedative, relaxing effect.

I hope this quick guide will help some of you to improve the yield and potency of your harvest.

Keep it green!



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