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7 Baby Products That Fire Up False Positives For Marijuana

7 Baby Products That Fire Up False Positives For Marijuana


Weed - 7 Baby Products That Fire Up False Positives For Marijuana


Not that anyone needs more B.S. to be falsely accused of, but a fresh new study points out a serious problem that has been discovered with many baby products. The study just released from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill discovered that several baby products including shampoos, and baby soaps are making for a very confused situation, these products are creating false positives for marijuana in several infants.


By using just a relatively small amount of these baby targeted products, including that of brand leader Johnson and Johnson and Aveeno can have some serious life changing consequences. In the most recent studies done at the University North Carolina, found that polyquaternium-11, as well as, cocamidopropyl betaine, both caused a positive result in their test for marijuana.


Positive results can precipitate an investigation by child welfare authorities. “We really did this to help protect families from being falsely accused,” study co-author Dr. Carl Seashore, a pediatrician in the U.N.C. Chapel Hill newborn nursery, told My Health News Daily. [source]


At this point, there is no clear cause and effect as to why these substances would interfere with the test’s ability to give a true result. I would think that a more important issue here is that these products are somehow getting our kids high.


Here is a quick list of some of the products to think twice about before using on your kids…


These baby products were unambiguously linked with false-positive cannabis test outcomes:


1.)Johnson & Johnson’s Bedtime Bath


2.) CVS Night-Time Baby Bath


3.) Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Creamy Wash


4.) Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo.


5.) Johnson’s Head-to-Toe Baby Wash


6.) CVS Baby Wash


7.) Baby Magic


Even some typical infirmary gel soaps, also kicked back the false existence of marijuana metabolites when tested.


Bottom line is that if you have kids, you should be very concerned with the chemicals that we swim in on a daily basis, let alone the one’s that can get your kids taken from you.



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