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Aeroponics in 4 words

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1. In four words what is Aeroponics? atomization of water droplets.

Nutrient solution, i.e. water, is pumped under extreme pressure through a small opening, creating even more pressure, forced up against a pan, shattering the water into very small droplets. The smaller the droplets, the better. Once the water is atomized to a mist, the nutrients, air and water are absorbed by the plants much more quickly.

ultrasonic fogger

In fact, aeroponics is a class of hydroponics where the roots of a plant are suspended in a mist or fog of nutrient rich solution, so the plant’s roots never stand in water. Because the plants roots are bathed in a nutrient-enriched water with plenty of oxygen, they will not rot.

It has always been a problem to get the right water to air mixture in soil. When you water soil, the soil is usually soaked with nutrient solution and water, which fill up all the air pockets under the surface of the soil. As the soil dries, we get a better air to water mixture, but soon, within a few hours, the air has replaced the water and the soil has started to become too dry and plant growth slows down.

When the ideal mineral elements have been dissolved into the water with plenty of oxygen, plants do not have to expand their roots in search of these elements, allowing them to concentrate on growth and flowering or fruit setting. Soil will only allow the right mixture to be available for a very short period of time before one of the other extremes is reached, either too wet or too dry. With aeroponics, that perfect condition can be achieved right from seedling or cutting to the end of a plant’s life.

2.In four words , what is airoponics? Ultrasonic nebulizers spreading nutrients.

Airoponics is a very slight variation of aeroponics: This technique employs the use of ultrasonic nebulizers or foggers instead of spray nozzles to deliver the nutrient solution. This technique is considered even more effective than aeroponics. The roots are indeed really in the air, It encourages development of a healthy plant root system, whereas with traditional aeroponics the roots can become matted and bound.

Aeroponic Roots at 5 days

We’ve got another definition from “Aeroponics is a class of hydroponics where the roots of a plant are suspended in a mist or fog of nutrient rich solution. Traditional aeroponic techniques use pumps and misters more commonly found in micro¬ irrigation systems, whereas state-of-the-art techniques (airoponics) employ ultrasonic nebulizers which render the nutrient solution into an extremely fine fog.”
Infact, ultrasonic foggers are the new airoponic method… Some people suggest combining the fogger with the normal aeroponic system to obtain the same results. Another great difference between airoponics and aeroponics is the fact that in the case of airoponics cultivation, the roots are moving under the influence of the ultrasonic nebulizer, whereas in the case of aeroponics cultivation, the roots are inert and just suspended in the mist of nutrient solution provided by the system of your choice.


In airoponics, the droplets must be smaller than 0.1 micron in order to fertilize the roots, and there is always the risk that such a small droplet evaporates before reaching its target! By comparison, aeroponics systems accept five microns droplets.


Aeroponic system

airoponic roots

a) Aeroflo: Airoponic system which is basically a a Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) with spray heats fitted to the top of the growing tubes.  This system is highly productive.


The Aero system is a great system for growing small plants. The plants are spaced 8″ apart or as far apart or as close as you need them by planting in every second hole. Or use as a nutrient film technique: set the units on a slant about 2 cm over every 1.5 m and feed from the elevated end, allowing the roots to be covered in one to two centimetres of an enriched nutrient solution.

The Aeroflo can even be set up as an Aeroponic System: just drop in some fogger plates into the ends of each grow tube. The Aeroflo is a very versatile garden that allows you to set up many different systems.





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  1. Hello, my buddy!

    Good questions. no to all intents and purposes the nutrient is unaffected by the heat from the foggers as they dont generate enough heat.

    What can be a problem in small grow systems is the nutrient solution temperature does tend to creep up, much as it would do when using pumps. The problem is more acute when using a small grow system which doesn’t have a large enough reservoir.

    I hope that helps


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