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Afghanica Review

Flowering Time: 56-63 DaysAfghanica Review

Grown Indoor or Outdoor?: Indoor/Outdoor

Parents: Afghani #1 x Original Skunk

Type: Indica 65% / Sativa 35%

Indoor Yield: High

Buzz: Very strong and physical

Taste/Smell: Sweet taste, thick and greasy

Afghanica is an F1 hybrid that brings out all the qualities of Afghani marijuana. It is mostly Indica and grows short and stocky. Afghanica has a thick canopy along with broad leaves. It has good yield when grown whether outdoors or indoors in most temperate areas. You can achieve the best yields by growing Afghanica in a sea of green. Before flowering, make sure you trim the lower branches to let the plant focus all of its energy into the tops that receive the most light. To reduce mold and pest problems you can also remove the lower branches outdoor late in the growing season which will also increase airflow.

In a normal growing season, Afghanica reaches about 6 feet tall and forms into a typical Christmas tree shape. In colder climates, it can also show some red or purple coloration. Organic soil will benefit Afghanica greatly no matter where it is grown, the end result will be a much more sweeter, potent, and refined bud as a finished product. Afghanica doesn’t need too many nutrients to produce great product, make sure you don’t give it any nutrients during the last 10 days before harvest, or you can expect to experience them in the taste. It will look ready around 8-9 weeks of flowering, but make sure you keep it going for the full 10 weeks, because yield and potency will increase greatly over that last week.

Afghanica strains exhibit a gasoline-type smell when barely disturbed towards the end of the flowering stage. The buds of Afghanica are quite dense and very oily throughout the entire plant. Even the smaller leaves are coated with resin, so make sure you don’t waste them, because they can produce lots of thick resin when forced through a screen. The skunk father adds a bit of sweetness to the taste, but the majority of it resembles your typical acrid and pungent taste of Afghani marijuana. Its high is very potent, promoting a physical buzz that will most likely leave you feeling lethargic. It is a creeper weed that comes on slowly and lasts a long time. If you smoke Afghanica late at night, you can expect to still feel the effects in the morning. Afghanica is great for medical marijuana patients as it helps relieve insomnia and chronic pain.

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