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Australian company delivers CBD oil to the UK.

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Australian company delivers CBD oil to the UK. The Australian pharmaceutical company MGC Pharma is now supplying the medical cannabis market in the UK. Although the country legalized medicinal hemp at the end of last year, it is still extremely difficult for patients in the UK to get the much-needed medicine.

Australian company delivers CBD oil to the UK.

Australian companies like MGC Pharma are now venturing into the UK market. According to a media report, the first delivery of the CannEpil solution has now arrived. The Australian company had an exclusive distribution agreement with Grow Biotech and IPS Specials. With a network of more than 5 500 pharmacies, they are leaders in the British market.

Although it is still difficult for UK patients to receive a cannabis prescription, MGC Pharma views the distribution agreement as positive. Grow Biotech and IPS have already received initial recipes for MGC’s proprietary formula CannEpil. This is an oral CBD solution used to alleviate symptoms of severe epilepsy.

“The first shipment of CannEpil to the UK is a true milestone in the history of MGC Pharma. The legalization of medical cannabis in the UK and the subsequent increase in interest in CannEpil are testimony to the importance of our products for the rapidly growing UK market and beyond, “said Roby Zomer, co-founder and CEO of MGC.

Zomer further explained that more than half a million people in the UK suffer from epilepsy. And that CBD oil to the UK CannEpil has the potential to significantly improve the lives of patients.

British medical hemp market is to grow

MGC Pharma also notes in the above report that the UK market for medical cannabis will reach a value of GBP 7.7 billion (USD 9.72 billion) by 2028. This emerges from the current research of Prohibition Partners.

Delivery of additional MGC products in planning

The distribution also includes CogniCann, a formula to treat the main symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s symptoms and enhance specific cognitive functions. MGC Pharma also has the InCann products for the relief of the symptoms of Crohn’s disease and TopiCann for the topical treatment of psoriasis and eczema.

“We are pleased to bring MGC Pharma’s product range to the UK market offering new options in the limited range currently available to physicians in the UK,” said Hari Guliani, CEO of Grow Biotech.


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