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Auto #1 Strain Review

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Auto #1 Strain Review
Auto #1 Strain Review

Auto #1 is the original autoflowering dwarf strain developed by the clever breeders at Auto Seeds. Although little is known about its genetic heritage, we do know it was developed to grow short and dwarf like Lowryder, while significantly improving the yield and the potency. The strain has gone on to form the basis of the well respected Auto Seeds range of next generation of autoflowering strains.

Auto #1 weed has a slight skunk aroma and when smoked you’ll taste a typical skunky musk along with hints of spice and citrus. The hit is an all round body buzz, with a good cerebral high and mind stimulation, and is therefore a great socializing weed. Medically, this strain can be used to treat patients who suffer from anxiety as well loss of appetite.

Auto #1 stays short, ranging between as little as 25 to 75 centimetres in height, making this an ideal strain to grow if discretion is a key factor. Its diminutive size and low odour also make it an ideal plant to grow discreetly on balconies and patios. The plants tend to have short and thick branches with tight and dense colas, which are covered in an enticing layer of crystals. THC levels have been measured to be in the medium range.

Indoors, it thrives in both hydro and soil setup and does well where space is tight. Due to its autoflowering genetics, you can keep the plants on the same lighting regime throughout the whole grow, with the weed benefitting from at least 20 to 22 hours in any given 24 hour period, producing results that can be incredibly pleasing.

Outdoors, it’s possible to grow it in cooler northern climates, as long you plant after the risk of the last frosts has passed and it is kept in a well lit spot. Due to its quick finishing time, harvests can be ready as early as the end of July or early August.

To conclude this Auto #1 review, this really is a fool proof strain to grow, making it a great choice for beginners. Experienced growers will appreciate it for its speed of finish and ability to grow anywhere and stay discreet.



    BARNEYS FARM MABEE, NOT AUTO SEEDS! fusk auto seeds hehe,

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