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Bank With Beans

Bank With Beans No Longer Trading

Bank With Beans Well its really very simple. With 1 tiny little seed you can Save Alot of Bank! Before I became a medical MJ grower I use to spend thousands of dollars on smoke to get me by. And man I hated buying the dirty street herbs that were floating around. I always had trouble finding good smoke. So I spent countless dollars trying to find the best smoke and 9 times out of 10 I came out dissapointed.  So at a young age I started growing. With ALOT of trial and error.. Now 15 yrs later, I got the know how to teach anyone how to grow a successful crop with no troubles as long as they follow my advice or some of my fellow members  , and trust me I wont give advice if I dont know what I am saying or if I havnt been thru it already.  Bank With Beans Ive battled every kind of pest and now every kind of mold you can think of. I have always came out on top and with all this time & growing I have really become a man of great knowledge. All I want to do is share it , and share it with no worry or fear. I went thru trial and error and 15 yrs later I am now growing some of the best strains around! But as some of you know… I also have made alot of GREAT friends online along the way.


Bank With Beans

In time I will ask them ALL to come. Right now Bank With Beans am working on just making a good forum to document all my strains and learn with you aswell at the same time. I am not trying to sell seeds but if I want to I can. I do have some beans that alot of people have been wanting . So I will do a bin or auction depending on the demand. I am in no shape or form a seed bank. Right now Bank With Beans is a safe haven for like minded growers who are looking for a good online home to chill and smoke at.

Bank With Beans are a private forum so only the accepted and posting members will be allowed to stay.

Bank With Beans is a Members only seed bank

Please only leave a review if you have purchased or attempted to purchase seeds from this seed bank

Bank With Beans


  1. Smoke!
    This Quest Homie. Its been a few year and I’ve looked under every rock that I can to find you. Hopefully this message reaches you in good spirits my friend. I know it has been a journey. Please contact me asap. Hit me up at or on Instagram please. I’ve good some crazy new genetics and would love to get things rolling. You will always have a friend here Homie. Piece!!!

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