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  • Advanced Growingcannabis light schedule

    The Gas Lantern Cannabis Light Schedule

    The Gas Lantern Routine for Growing Cannabis During the course of my observations growing cannabis, I’ve realized that factors such as clone burn-out appear to suggest that overexposure to light is adversely affecting the hormonal balance from the growing plants.   Resulting in the genetics of the cuts and seedlings to degrade over the course of several generations.   Cannabis seems quite happy when the hormones are allowed to properly build up more throughout a natural outdoor vegetative cycle. This…

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  • Advanced GrowingSoil Vertical Garden

    Soil Vertical Garden

    Soil Vertical Garden Soil Vertical Garden This octy is about 5 years old, and about to undergo some major changes… 80 plants under 3000 watts, air-cooled, no co2, with the best harvest being 5-3/4 lbs of afghooey and matanuska mist (using 50/50 powerflower & perlite w/Metanaturals nutes). the plants are clones from 3 different sources, all of which were transplanted into those 5″ pots about a week b4 these shots. Only 2 of the lights are on in the pic, when…

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  • Cannabis BasicsA Guide To Marijuana - All You Need To Know About Cannabis

    Guide To Marijuana – All You Need To Know About Cannabis

    People have been enjoying marijuana for thousands of years. It has dozens of terms that refer to the products made from the various parts of the plant – Terminology that is not always clear to the newcomer. A Guide To Marijuana – All You Need To Know About Cannabis will help you understand this wonderful plant a little better. A Guide To Marijuana   Are hemp and cannabis actually the same? In Biologically yes – not always in everyday language practice.…

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  • Pests and ProblemsA quick guide to Diagnosing your cannabis plants problems

    A Quick Guide To Diagnosing Your Cannabis Plants Problems

    Use the following photos to quickly diagnose your Cannabis plants! Although many of the problems of the marijuana plant are really related to problems with the pH. Here are pictures to learn about the problems, deficiencies, or symptoms. Boron Deficiency Problem: A boron deficiency in cannabis is relatively rare, and usually accompanied by other types of nutrients or pH problems The first signs of boron deficiency are abnormally growing tips, together with brown spots on the leaves. Solution: Flush your plant…

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  • Grow Room EnviromentHow to build your own inexpensive odour neutraliser

    How to build your own inexpensive odour neutraliser

    How to build your own inexpensive odour neutraliser Bad smells, stink and hefty weed odours is something every indoor cultivator needs like another hole in the head.   Because the problem arises as a result of growing activities, it is logical to take preventative measures. Many weed growers use carbon filters to get rid of weed smells and that can often be expensive, depending on the size of your space, of course.     For those starter growers and other interested parties, investing in ventilation…

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  • Curing and Processing CannabisFull Melt Hash (Bubblehash)

    Cannabis concentrates at a glance Bubble Hash Cannabis oils

    Cannabis concentrates at a glance Cannabis Concentrates are products that are produced by the extraction of cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant. This is done by various techniques, solvents and mechanical methods. We have already written about some, here again is an overall overview. The final extracts contain 60-99% THC and are the most potent cannabis products ever. The effect is stronger and acts faster.   Bubble Hash   By ice water extraction, the resin is separated from the…

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