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Best Seed Banks Bong Buying Guide

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Best Seed Banks Bong Buying Guide

Buying a bong can be a very difficult and life-altering decision. It can effect the taste, the feel, the smell and the high that you get from here on out every time you take a massive hit from that bong. It is also usually a very costly decision and something that you need to think about thoroughly, much like buying a house or a new car, a new bong makes a statement about the kind of stoner you are. Just kidding about that last part. Buying a new bong is an exciting endeavour, but you really need to think about to make sure you are getting the best bong for your buck and if it will really be worth it in the end.

Best Seed Banks Bong Buying Guide

I’ve seen several people collect many a pipe, bong, piece, vaporizer, bubbler, etc and half of them are either filthy, unused, just poor quality. These bong hoarders see something that catches their and buy it up on a whim without thinking about if they need it and whether it will be a useful smoking tool.

When purchasing a bong, you really need to think hard about what kind of set and setting you’re planning to use it in. Is this something that you’re going to take with you while you’re on vacation? Is this going to be your new daily smoker? Are you or your friends clumsy stoners? Do you think it will break if you drop it? Is this bong going to be something you’re going to need to hide quickly or stash out of sight with only a moment’s notice? How hard or easy will it be to clean your bong?

If you’re looking for a daily smoker, then of course you want a bong that is going to be durable and high quality. Bongs are commonly made out of wood, acrylic and glass. Wood and acrylic ones are going to be the hardest to break, so if you’re super clumsy when you’re high, you may not want to invest $50 or even $100 in a new glass bong that will most likely end up with spilled bong water and glass shards. Acrylic bongs do, however have a more plasticy taste to them when compared to glass.

Glass bongs are more likely to break if dropped than wood or acrylic, but they can also be built quite sturdy. When buying a glass bong you want to make sure that the glass is thick enough to withstand the abuse it may end up taking as a daily smoker. The thicker the glass, the heavier the bong will be. Look all over the bong up and down for any cracks or scratches that you can find. A small hairline crack can be hard to see, but if someone sets the bong down a little too hard after a long rip, that crack can cause a chunk of glass to break off or worse the bong could shatter. Check the joints to make sure they are solid and uniform, not loose, you shouldn’t see any cracks inside the joints either. If the bong has a nick or a scratch you can always for a discount for a damaged piece, as long as it is just a scratch and something superficial there shouldn’t be any issues with it. Glass bongs are the go to bong in the bong world. Most people will purchase and use glass bongs, they offer the best taste and

One of the many decisions a future bong-buyer must make is what sized bong do they want. Bongs come in all different shapes and sizes so make sure you think about this hard. There is no point getting a 6 foot tall bong if you have to slide it under your bed when you’re not hitting it.

You want to make sure that you won’t have any issues pulling the smoke into the chamber. With larger more intricate bongs it can take a much more solid hit and larger lung capacity to hit the bongs the way they were supposed to. The larger the tube, chamber and the longer the down stem, the more harder it will be to clear it of smoke. Those who smoke cigarettes, are smaller or more petite, have other lung issues will want to select a smaller bong that is easier to clear. Those that want to carry their bong around town with them will also need to select a smaller size so it is not so obvious to others. They make pocket-sized bongs that can easily be carried around and not draw attention to yourself.

How much are you willing to spend on a bong? This boils down to whether you’re willing to take out a second mortgage to get that branded Roor bong costing $450. Just about any bong you find in the store or online will do a decent job of getting you high as long as everything is sealed air tight. I, personally can think of quite a few things I could spend $450 on and a personalized Roor piece is not one of them, at least get a Volcano Vaporizer instead.

Branded bongs are promised to deliver the smoothest hit, the coolest looking designs and include ash catcher, ice catchers and other nifty features that typically increase the price exponentially. If you’re very interested in buying a bong with a high price tag I recommend going to the store/head shop and actually looking at them before making your purchase. Also try to find a friend or someone you know who has already invested in an EHLE Glass Bong or a Roor Bong with a $500 price tag so you can try theirs out to see if it worth the cost.

Once you’ve finally decided on a bong and purchase it, make sure you know how to properly clean your bong and don’t forget to get a bong bag for it if you think you’re going to be travelling with it more often than not.


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