Black Rose by Heath Robinson Review

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Black Rose by Heath Robinson Review

Black Rose by Heath Robinson Review
Heath Robinson Seeds

Black Rose by Heath Robinson,

Created by the breeder and growing engineer extraordinaire, Heath Robinson, Black Rose is a combination of Nebu’s Black Russian and a Purple Shiva Skunk. Lately, this plant is becoming the Mecca of all purple strains and now in its F9 generation all of the seeds, male or female, are showing a pure breeding trait of purples.

Black Rose seedling selection
Black Rose seedling selection

It’s not known for its extreme power, however, it is known for its beauty,

Heath Robinson's Black Rose grown by Dr Load
Heath Robinson’s Black Rose grown by Dr Load

Black Rose has phenotypes ranging from Blackberry smells and Currant smells all the way too greasy meat and spaghetti smells. The Breeder, Heath Robinson, is mostly known for his fascinating engineering with hydroponics and his ability to grow amazing yields using the least amount of HID Lighting. Heath Robinson is still perfecting this strain to this day and is at the forefront of breeders coming out of the UK.

Heath Robinsons Black Rose
Heath Robinsons Black Rose

These are the latest Pictures of the beautiful Black Rose Cannabis Strain, Created originally in 2007 by crossing a purple Shiva Skunk with a male Black Russian but now a strain in its own right.  The Black Rose is not only beautiful to look at but also can be quite potent and is often sugar frosted with resin. She has been selectively inbred to produce purple buds regardless of temperature. with a 9 week flower period.

The smell of this particular specimen is not unlike a sweet shop! its really different from most other cannabis strains. the following pictures are of a feminized black Rose flowered 12/12  from seed


Black Rose cannabis resin
Black Rose Resin On Trim Scissors

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  1. I received this strain as a free seed, absolutely loved it. Heath, if and when you decide to sell some, please let me know!


  2. Hey, Heath it’s me again just wondering what is going on with that Black Rose? It seems about 2 years ago now not in a big rush for sure just still will love to try them I honestly don’t mind paying for them. Just heard so much about her. But hope all is well with you some beans will be greatly appreciated but if you ain’t doing it anymore that’s cool.

  3. I started growing outdoors as a teen. and gained some knowledge. born 1963. declining health 2008, Same time I found your grow videos on you tube. I admired and dreamed. 2009 I became legeal card holder.. 2011 built first grow room. 2012 fire consumed house.( please google David Silvaggio medical marijuana las vegas revirew journal LV Nevada). enjoy the read. Never stoped growing even facing 4 years. It has become my passion and life..
    love your black rose
    please Mr. Heath robbinson SEEDS SEEDS SEEDS……WHO? WHERE? IS THE BEST SEED BANK….
    Ive been growing soil…I want to go hydro or airo.. frightened of new medium…tired of all the dirt.

  4. Hello John, thanks for the compliment I appreciate it, about the Black Rose and Chiesel they are still very much close to my heart and every blue moon I give away a few hundred seeds. I havent got any at the moment but when I do I will post up and let you know.



    1. Sounds good, I was expecting to pay for them. I’ve been looking for that Black Rose for a while thankfully I found this site heard they where for sale at a seedbank a few years ago but nothing since. But yeah, when you get a new batch definitely hit me up I got plenty of seeds to keep me busy just no purple that can change like that without cool temps I got a perpetual room so I can’t really cool the room without causing problems for the other girls.

      Thanks man keep up the good work.

  5. Hey Heath, hows it going? I’ve seen a bunch of your grows at RIU and Mr. Nice forum couple other places you do amazing work. I’d love to try some of your lines Black Rose for sure probably that Cheezle too you grow better than any breeder I’ve seen so your beans must be right up their.

  6. Hi Chemo,

    Thank you for your kind words, I put out a lot of growing info and its great when I get feedback to tell me it has helped someone im really pleased I helped even if it was in a small way..


    1. Hi Heath thanks for getting back to me so soon. And can see that you don’t have alot to say about the beans i was thinking about buying from Riot….lol… i total understand. Would probably not want to talk about something that bothers me either. …and that is ok…… but would really like it if you can help me out with a purple strain from someone that I can buy that you like.. or if you could tell me where I can buy your. Black Rose. …that wwould be a huge help to me really want her in my line up…. and can you tell me out of all the girls you have ran what is a awesome dank strain that you can grow into monsters….that you have done and that you would do again. …. right now I have been playing with Dr Undergrounds King Kong for about 2 1/2 years now and this plant is special what a monster and she is some very strong stuff……. and I have a PRE98 Bubba Kush clone only that I have had for about 2 years now and oh shit this thing will put the best of them down thanks to a very special friend of mine for gifting her to me….it is everyone favorite and some don’t like her because she is so strong it makes them sick……lol…. would love to gift a clone to you of her…..if you were not so far away. ….but this winter i am making the first batch of fem beans of her and get her out to a few people that really want her over in London and Amsterdam and out to south Africa. …but if you could help me one more time with the BlackRose and what was your ffavorite strain for a dank smoke but a real monster plant….Thanks again Heath you are truly the reason I grow monster plants and not 4 oz plants and will always remember who got me started in growing like this…..thanks again. ..and have to say thanks to Dru West to he has helped me alot to… both are some awesome guys and growers……..thanks Chemo

      1. Hey Chemo, straight after your post I sent you a email, it might have gone to your spam folder it might be worth checking. If its not there you could use the contact form at the top of Best Seed Bank.

        Besides my own strains Cheesel and V3

        I have had great success with AK 47 from serious seeds, I usually buy a couple of packs to find a great on to suit how im growing. Some AK’s are extremely fast growing and potent and also now and again you find the “cherry” pheno which smells wonderful.


  7. Hi Chemo,

    Thank you for your kind words, I put out a lot of growing info and its great when I get feedback to tell me it has helped someone im really pleased I helped even if it was in a small way.


  8. Hi Heath my name is jeff ( aka Chemo) i have been watching your work for years and have to admit that you can grow some fucking monsters.. the reason I grow the way I do now is because of you. Thanks alot for posting all of your stuff for us all to see it is some great work… i am known around where I am for growing monster mother fuckers and that is because of you….people don’t understand how I get what I get off plants and I always try and help them with it but they areso stuck Iin their ways that they are scared to try something different oh well I guss they can keep looking at mine… when they are pulling in 4 max 6 oz a plant and I am doing over a pound from the same batch of clones. ….lol on top of it they are doing hydro and I am getting mine from soil. .i do run hydro to DC and I do flood and drain but all of the hydro growers can’t come close to my soil grows….and really can’t come close to my hydro at all……. but I would really love to run some of your stuff I want a real/real purple plant in my line up……. as of now I have some very nice stuff but want to add something special to my room……. and I am a reader before I ever started to grow i read for 2 stright years to learn everything I needed to get started/ and still to this day read everyday to stay on top of my game…..and I give everyone a chance before I say anything bad about someone or a company. .. so I was really looking at buying Clockwork orange from Matthew Riot as of now he has one I would like to try…..but I no how you feel about him and have read some very bad stuff about him and his practices…… i have been at this for 10 years for myself strong…..and been around itmy whole life…but I hhave herd some good things about his stuff to but as of now alot more bad than good……lol… so was wondering if you had a bad ass purple strain at this time or close to it so I can get it in my garden and show it off to my people. ….and let my patients give it a try… i would welling to buy it from you….i did not write this to get free beans wrote this to say thanks because of you and Dru West i can grow 1 plant to most people’s 10…….but I really want one of your purple strains for my garden. …. you can answer me here or at my email. …..and again Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful. … monster grows with us……Thanks Chemo

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