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Blue Dream: Strain Review

The name Blue Dream represents the feeling that users have when using this strain. The sweet and fruity aroma of blueberries takes over the users’ sense of smell. And once smoked, the unmistakable flavor of this strain will make you feel like you are biting a fresh blueberry.

Blue Dream Strain Review
Blue Dream Strain Review

Combine all this flavor and aroma with an invigorating, energizing wave that lasts a long time and that’s it: You will feel inside a ‘Blue Dream’.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream originated from a cross between two powerful and very renowned strains: Blueberry and Haze.




Characteristics :

  • Seed type: feminized
  • climate: Mediterranean / Sunny
  • Height : Tall Plant
  • Indoor flowering: 63 – 70 days
  • Harvest Outdoor: Mid-October
  • Indoor : about 600g / m²
  • Outdoor: up to 2 kg per plant / plant
  • genotype: 80% Sativa / 20% Indica

Blue Dream

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Today we have blue dream it’s a sativa dominant hybrid and it it
has kind of a sweet blueberry smell and feels pretty dense. Blue dream produces tall plants and high yields and it will flower between seven and nine weeks.

The parents of this strain are blueberry in this case it has a relaxing uplifting kind of high so it’s great for people that suffer from stress and depression but let’s put it to the test.

I definitely pick up some of that blueberry taste so yeah if you like your
taste little sweeter this would be great for you.

Blue dream Indica or Sativa?.

The strain is a hybrid with a slight Sativa dominance. It is estimated that the proportion is on average from 60% Sativa to 40% Indica. Although its genetics tends more to the Sativa phenotype.

There are very rare occasions when the plant can obtain characteristics more oriented to the Indicas. Depending on the traits of cultivation and the genetic lot used in the grow.  (To understand the differences between Indica and Sativa click here!)

Although we know that it is a cross between Blueberry and Haze, the exact geographical origin of the strain is a mystery to growers around the world. 

It is speculated that the first Blue Dream genetics appeared in Santa Cruz, California. Where the strain eventually got the attention of the famous grower DJ Short. Owner of DJ Short Seeds. The grower fell in love with strain and worked hard on improving it to have the specimens we have on the market today.

Smoke Test and Grow Report

In her genetics, she brilliantly combines Blueberry Indica and Haze. The resulting unique strain is known for its robustness, its physical and brain effects and its medicinal properties.


blue dream budThe effects felt by consumers of Blue Dream are described as the mixture of what is best in the Indica and Sativa strains. Most say that it starts with mild brain stimulation. Followed quickly throughout the body by intense and deep physical relaxation.

Recent studies show that Blue Dream specimens have a relatively high THC concentration. Ranging from 17-25%. Although not a monster like Gorilla Glue # 4, which can reach up to 30% THC, its THC concentration is relatively high when compared to other strains on the market.


Its medicinal effects are due to THC, since the strain has very low levels of CBD and other cannabinoids, below 1%. 

Users who consume cannabis for medical reasons choose Blue Dream because of its uplifting effects associated with strong physical relaxation. For many of them, the quick relief of stress lessens the effects of their depressive state. The consumption of the Blue Dream is also indicated in the case of tiredness and headaches.

Mental Health.

Due to its wide variety of effects, Blue Dream can be used to treat various medical conditions. In general, the strain is most recommended for those who wish to treat mental conditions, such as stress and depression. But it also proves to be very useful in the treatment of physical conditions such as chronic pain, headaches, and severe fatigue.

If you are dealing with mental illness and seeking help with Blue Dream, it is advisable not to overdo the amount consumed. Excessive consumption of THC can lead to paranoia and even greater stress (as with any type of marijuana). So knowing your limitations and finding a balance in your amount of consumption is ideal if you want to get the most effective results.

Pain, Headaches, and fatigue.

If you are dealing with fatigue, chronic pain, or headaches, the recommendation is to use stronger doses of the strain. In this case, cannabis concentrates can be of great help. Higher doses of Blue Dream can numb your body, while still invigorating your mind and energy if you are feeling lethargic.

For those dealing with more serious medical conditions, such as seizures or neurological disorders. These genetics would probably not be the most ideal option due to its low content of CBD and CBN.

Because it is such a balanced hybrid, the effects of Blue Dream are very balanced. Making it a very versatile strain that manages to please all types of users.

Consumers mainly recommended this strain to be smoked during the day. Its invigorating effects will keep you awake and energized – some even say it is better than a cup of coffee!

Try to avoid Blue Dream if you are looking for a strain to help you relax at the end of the day and sleep.  This strain is recommended more for going out at night to relax with friends or to party; a truly fantastic option for socializing.

Indeed, the consumption of the Blue Dream does not prevent your remaining active, kind, and enthusiastic. Some consumers sometimes find slightly stronger effects, usually associated with those of Indica, depending on the specific phenotype consumed.

blue dream outdoor outdoorThe flavors and aromas of the Blue Dream evoke her lineage of which she is a worthy heiress. Think of the powerful blueberry aromas associated with the sweet and remarkable shades of Haze. Some users also say they perceive certain shades of pine, or even slightly herbaceous shades.



The Blue Dream is suitable for both indoor and outdoor culture. However, because of its rapid and often phenomenal growth – it can reach heights of over 2 meters, especially if it is allowed to grow freely in the open air. 

Ease of growth:  A vigorous plant that allows a lot of error – it is a strain that is very easy to grow.

Preferred climate: It does well in almost all climates and can cope well with reduced night temperatures. The ideal temperature range is 18-30ºC.

Fertilization:  Fertilization can be quite generous, Blue Dream is a strain that can absorb high concentrations of Nitrogen without getting burned.

Tips: It thrives well in Outdoor as well as Indoor environments, but is best known for being very successful in Outdoor crops in Northern California. Always try to keep the plant upright with the help of stakes and ties.  since its Sativa structure will have problems withstanding the weight of the large buds. 

This variety produces enormous yields, producing up to 2 kg per plant outdoors and over 600 g per m² indoors. During its relatively short flowering period (9-10 weeks), each branch takes on huge buds. 


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