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Buy Dutch Seeds Review

Buy Dutch Seeds Review

Buy Dutch Seeds Review Cannabis marijuana seeds – From the worlds best seed suppliers. Top quality cannabis seeds from Amsterdam. High germination success, hundreds of different varieties from only the best breeders. Top smoking marijuana for our customers is the highest priority! We?ll help you personally to succeed


Buy Dutch Seeds Review

Buy Dutch Seeds Review

Buy Dutch Seeds offer you the biggest list of seeds directly from top Dutch breeders. Over 30 cannabis strains. Lots of Cannabis Cup winners like White Widow, Durban Poison and Northern Lights. We provide seeds for every need: Indoor, Outdoor, feminized, and medical.

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I bought a couple of feminized cannabis seeds recently from Buy Dutch Seeds. I learned about the site from a friend who had some pretty good experiences with using them.

So, I checked out the website and immediately sought where I could get some feminized cannabis seeds. I saw that the left portion of the page had some categories, and I found “feminized” under the “TYPE” category. I clicked it and I was presented with more than 20 feminized cannabis strains.

I have to admit that I was quite surprised with that number. I was expecting to get about five feminized strains, but I was instead shown five times more than that.

I had been looking for Ak-48 feminized for so long, and I was happy to see that Buy Dutch Seeds sells them. I have an indoor cannabis grow room and so AK-48 feminized is perfect. This is actually the third time I am growing this strain, and on my first two tries, I got the seeds from another online cannabis seed bank that I did not really have anything good to say about now.

Anyway, the other feminized cannabis strain that I got was BDS special feminized, which is perfect for my small outdoor garden. This is my first time to setup an outdoor site. I just want to explore all options and gain as much experience as I can.

I used my credit card to pay for both seeds and I waited maybe about two weeks for my orders to arrive in the mail. All in all, they were in good condition and I am just now waiting for harvest time..
i got my beans 17days to the land dwn under..thats nz .nice looking seeds i will be buying from them again.

At Buy Dutch Seeds All seed-packages contain 10 seeds. We ship all seeds worldwide, by Priority mail in plain packaging crush proof envelops. No indication to the contents. Buy Dutch Seeds Overall Reveiws

Buy Dutch Seeds Marijuana Seeds from the world’s best marijuana seeds supplier. Top quality cannabis seeds from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. High germination success, hundreds of different varieties from only the best breeders. Top smoking marijuana for our customers is the highest priority! We will personally help you to succeed. And most importantly,  we ship worldwide in discreet packing and always guarantee your security and privacy.

NEW DESIGN: Since 20 November 2010 Buy Dutch Seeds have a new design, please gives us your valuable feedback!

Buy Dutch Seeds Review  offer you the biggest list of cannabis seeds directly from top Dutch cannabis breeders. Over 30 marijuana strains. Lots of cannabis cup winners like White Widow, Durban Poison and Northern Light. We provide marijuana seeds for every need: Indoor, Outdoor, Feminized, and Medical. Dutch Marijuana Seeds

  • Do Buy Dutch Seeds ship Marijuana Seeds Worldwide?
    Yes. We ship Marijuana Seeds Worldwide, so also to your country.
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  1. I have placed several orders from BuyDutch and have some awesome grows. Even with the cheaper ones when I first started. But I have been noticing that your prices are way high and your inventory way low. I bought 10 Blackberry seeds Fem from a competitor for $20 yours are $50. Whats up with that. And I germinated and had them in cups within 3 days and 5 gal buckets in 20 days. They are cut,cured and very sweet and stoney. Yeilded 5&1/2 oz in 120 days. 3 plants. You got to watch your competitors. Some even have week-end and week-day whopper sales. I have yet to see any of your seeds go on sale. Lots of seed sites with way lower prices. I don’t want to change companies but money is money. Lower your prices and increase your inventory. And why no Blueberry seeds?

  2. i just made firsr order it sseys pending also if eneywon can tell me the best prepayed card for overseas peches is if eneywon can help out thanks

  3. This is my first time leaving a review for Buy Dutch Seeds but I have been using it for the past year and have bought cannabis seeds from them at least three times already.

    My last purchase was not too long ago. A couple of friends and I decided to buy one of the website’s “package deals”. The three of us used to buy from Buy Dutch Seeds separately and we finally decided to try the package deals to save some money.

    To see what package deals they have available, simply click the “Package Deals” category found on the upper left portion of the home page.

    You will then find six different package deals that allow customers, like us, to enjoy at least one hundred bucks off of our purchase.

    The three of us wanted to buy the 100-seed pack of Autoflowering Jock Horror Feminized Seeds. Its original price is $1,980, but we actually bought it for only $1,150. We saved $830!!! It was unbelievable. We were not so sure if it was legit. We knew that Buy Dutch Seeds was great based on our first few experiences with them, but at that time, saving more than $800 seemed too good to be true.

    But we still went on and bought the item using my credit card. We waited around 10-12 days. And the package finally arrived. It was really real. We were not ripped off. We opened the package and our 100 seeds of Autoflowering Jock Horror Feminized were infront of our eyes.

    It was a really good decision for us to avail of Buy Dutch Seeds package deals.

  4. Oh my god, I am so happy that I finally received my marijuana seeds from Buy Dutch Seeds. I got them this morning and I could not contain my excitement!!!

    I learned about Buy Dutch Seeds via this website. I have been contemplating whether to drive many, many miles to get a hold of a particular cannabis seeds or to just find a website that sells them. Good thing I found this cannabis seed bank review website listing, and it made the job a lot easier.

    I am a fairly new cannabis grower. I live in Europe and cannabis cultivation is legal here. I am not gonna disclose where I live, but in my area, I know some people that grow cannabis seeds for medical reasons. I am actually one of them. I need cannabis for my mom’s medical treatment. She has been fighting cancer for the past two years, and we are doing our best to make it even a little bit easier for her. Her doctor recommended medical cannabis treatment.

    At first, we relied on other people for her cannabis need. It was very convenient but because I wanted to learn more about what cannabis can do and how it helps cancer patients, I thought maybe I should study the plant and really get to know it better. That was when I decided cultivating it would give me what I want.

    I did some research on how to setup a cannabis garden, what tools and equipment are needed, etc etc and I thought it was not that hard. The hardest part was to actually select a cannabis strain to grow. Fortunately, I found Buy Dutch Seeds and the website actually has a medical cannabis category that lists all the cannabis seeds suitable for medical treatment.

    So, like what I said, I am happy with my transactions with Buy Dutch Seeds. I will use it again and again and again.

  5. I purchased Medusa Feminized cannabis from Buy Dutch Seeds. I must say that I was very impressed the moment I got the package. I loved the idea of sending the seeds in a white envelop so it looked like any other mail.

    I have been hopping from one online cannabis seed bank to another the past few months, and I cannot believe that I decided to use Buy Dutch Seeds only a few weeks ago. I have a list of reliable online cannabis seed banks that I made when I first started growing cannabis last year, and I have Buy Dutch Seeds in the middle. I want to experience all the seed banks with good reviews so that I, too, can provide reviews based on my firsthand experience.

    So when the time to finally use Buy Dutch Seeds came, I decided to buy Medusa Feminized from them. I did not have a difficult time navigating around the website since it has a very clean and organized layout. The colors are predominantly green and white, just right for something with a cannabis theme.

    I used the sites search function, which can be found on the left, middle portion of the page. I typed in medusa feminized and was glad that they have it. I clicked the Medusa Feminized icon and was taken to another page that contained descriptions of the strain. It was great since I did not know some of the things stated there. I did not know that Medusa Feminized can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. So, I guess it was a good idea to have stumbled upon that page.

    I went on to purchase the Medusa Feminized cannabis. $99 for 5 seeds. I also added a few dollars for shipping. I paid using my credit card. The entire process was easy. If you have experience in online shopping, then you would not find it hard to do.

    I waited around two weeks before I received my Medusa Feminized. I was happy that it all arrived in good condition.

  6. Last October, I bought some Medusa Feminized cannabis seeds from Buy Dutch Seeds. I have been wanting to buy this particular cannabis strain for various reasons.

    – It can be cultivated indoors or outdoors. I have been growing cannabis plants for many years now, and I have both indoor and outdoor gardens. Having cannabis strains that are suitable for either makes my job easier.

    – It is feminized. Do you have any idea how tedious it is to pull out all the male cannabis plants? I want to make my life easier, so I always choose to buy feminized seeds. It is more time efficient and helps me get more things done.

    – It contains high amounts of THC. I need my cannabis plants to have a lot of THc because in my experience, having this property ensures very potent and powerful aroma, flavor, and high. Weed users look for these characteristics in cannabis, so it is best to meet their expectations.

    – It can be used for medical purposes. Some of my customers are medical cannabis treatment patients, so I decided to stick with this cannabis strain. It has been proven to be efficient in helping get rid of different kinds of signs and symptoms, so I am confident in its abilities.

    – It is perfect for the Mediterranean climate. I live in the Mediterranean, so it is common sense to choose a cannabis strain that is well-suited for this climate. I do not want to waste my money, time, energy, and effort on something that will only fail.

    – Buy Dutch Seeds processes orders fast and knows what their customers want. I appreciate what Buy Dutch Seeds does to their customers. I really admire how aware they are of how important being discreet and private are to their buyers. Thus, I decided to try it and experience it for myself.

    I received my Medusa Feminized Seeds in a white envelop in the mail not too long ago. I was very satisfied with the $99 I spent on 5 Medusa feminized seeds and the few bucks for shipping. Everything went smoothly and organized. I will definitely use Buy Dutch Seeds again when I buy my next batch of cannabis seeds.

  7. I would like to share my story of buying cannabis seeds from Buy Dutch Seeds. I have purchased various cannabis seeds from this website for three times now, and I have never been disappointed.

    The first time, it was quite worrying because I had not had any experience in buying from online cannabis seed banks. I had been planning to cultivate cannabis and I thought online cannabis seed banks was the most convenient way to choose a cannabis seed strain to grow. So, I went online and came across many different online cannabis seed banks, but I settled with Buy Dutch Seeds. I chose it because I saw it on a list with an alphabetical arrangement of some online cannabis seed banks. Buy Dutch Seeds was somewhere on top of the list. I also was lured to it because its names had the word “Dutch” and it’s quite known that Holland or the Netherlands are among the most open-minded and accepting places in the world of cannabis.

    So, I proceeded to visit the website and was presented with many kinds of cannabis seed strains. If remember correctly, the first cannabis strains that I bought were AK-48, Master Kush, and White Widow. I used my credit card to pay for everything and I had to wait, I think, around two weeks, for my order to arrive. When I finally got them, they came in white envelops and they were in pretty good condition. I then went on to germinate the seeds, and was satisfied that they sprouted roots. I then went on to plant them, looked after them, and waited for harvest time. In the end, all the things that I read from the Buy Dutch Seeds descriptions of the cannabis seeds were all true. I was a happy customer so I decided to buy some more cannabis seeds the next couple of times.

    Overall, Buy Dutch Seeds has been good to me, so I am giving them a positive feedback. I am sure that I will be coming back to the website to try out some more of the cannabis seed strains that they offer.

  8. I bought two different cannabis strains from Buy Dutch Seeds last month and my order just arrived the other day. I was a bit anxious when it took longer than I expected (I thought it would only take two weeks), but was relieved when I finally saw the envelop in my mailbox. It was all good, I guess the post office had some issues that delayed the delivery for a week.

    Anyway, I bought a pack of Durban Poison seeds and a pack of Master Kush Feminized. I chose these cannabis seed strains because both of them are suited for either indoor or outdoor cultivation and take around two months to produce flowers.

    What I had in mind was to grow both at the same time but at different locations. I planned to grow Master Kush Feminized indoors because it is not a very tall plant, while I thought I would grow Durban Poison outdoors because it can get really tall. I did not really care if they can be used for medical treatments, though I learned that Durban Poison is not a medical strain and Master Kush is via the Buy Dutch Seeds website.

    So, I proceeded to the preparation of my growing areas and planted the seeds just a week ago. According to the website, Durban Poison could generate 400-500 grams of yield per square meter, while Master Kush Feminized could deliver almost twice as that. Now that I discovered that, I realized I should have checked the expected amount of yield of the cannabis seeds before I bought them, because I really would have preferred the ones that are able to produce more.

    The Master Kush Feminized pack of 5 seeds cost me $65 and the Durban Poison pack of 10 seeds cost $112. Do not forget the shipping fee. I think I had to pay an additional of less than $15 – $20. I guess it depends on where you are located.

    My experience with Buy Dutch Seeds was fine. I wish the delivery time was shorter so that I could have started planting sooner, but overall it was all right. Now, I have very high expectations on the quality of cannabis that I have to harvest in a couple of months.

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