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Canada Says Yes to Outdoor Commercial Cannabis

Outdoor commercial production would be "more economical" and "more ecologically sustainable"

Canada Says Yes to Outdoor Commercial Cannabis. The commercial outdoor cultivation of cannabis will be allowed in Canada when the substance is made legal, it was confirmed Tuesday at the office of the Federal Minister of Health, Ginette Petitpas Taylor.

The government is therefore in line with the majority arguments heard during the consultation process for the development of its regulatory framework on the legalization of the substance.

Canada Says Yes to Outdoor Commercial Cannabis
Canada Says Yes to Outdoor Commercial Cannabis

By doing so, canadian growers will be able to grow cannabis plants in a more economical and environmentally sustainable way, it is estimated.

“Our decision to allow outdoor cultivation of cannabis in canada will help create a diversified and competitive legal industry, with the objective of counteracting the illegal market,” the minister’s press officer wrote in an email. Thierry Bélair.

How Canada Prepares for Marijuana Legalization: During the consultations, critics of outdoor commercial cultivation had raised concerns about the impact this could have on adjacent agricultural crops.

canadian marijuana producers will be able to start there next year, because the season will be over in the majority of regions when the cannabis will be officially legal, on October 17th.

Concerns were also raised about the risk of theft and diversion of cannabis and the control of odors during flowering, according to the minutes of the consultations. On the other hand, a “majority was favorable” to the idea of outdoor cannabis cultivation, one notes in this same document published last March.

In particular, it was mentioned that this type of crop allows producers to take advantage of natural resources such as sunshine, water, and soil. It was also understood that this type of outdoor commercial production would be “more economical” and “more ecologically sustainable”

The federal government is due to make public this week the regulatory framework it has built in the light of public consultations.

It is expected that it will be fairly faithful to what emerged as consensus during the exercise, particularly in terms of packaging and labeling.


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