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Canna Collective Review

Canna Collective Review


canna collective review
canna collective review

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Moved from Seed Bank Reviews to Seed Bank Archives as Canna Collective require you to register before you can view the site (Billy BSB Admin)

The Canna Collective Seeds Store has The Best Cannabis Seeds available in the Globe. Adeptly Grown by Legendary Breeders who work with the Canna Collective to bring you the highest quality genetics from all over the world at the very best costs. Our well set up Breeders constantly test and accomplish quality control to guarantee top-notch products. The Canna Collective offers a complete forum for any new releases or info, and Testers are Required Consistently!

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Hi Mecca you wont see any seeds from there, I dont know why it's still up and running, somebody must pay to keep the circus going, but fer all new and old customers of this place,....IT'S A DEATH TRAP, NOTHING MORE OR LESS, IT'S LIKE A SPIDER SITTING AND WAITING IN IT'S WEB, WAITING TO STRIKE....KEEP AWAY FROM CANNACOLLECTIVE......Iif you've been dumb or unlucky enough to have paid money to the place, do a chargeback right away, you wont see any seeds from there, even when it was running Mr. Dj5k or whatever the hoax called himself, had difficulties to part with his seeds, I mean delivery times on sometimes 4-5-6 month.....insanity to go [email protected]


Canna Collective

Update we now have a credit card payment option

We Have a wide choice of Cannabis Cup Winning strains in our stock list along with one of the most if not the Many up-to-date, Cannabis seed shop around. Look into our excellent line of Auto Feminized & Routine seeds. All of our Seeds are purchased fresh stuffed & kept in a refrigerated space to keep and make sure there freshness. The Canna Collective Seed Store is the first stop for all your world course Marijuana seeds, and it doesn’t hurt that payment is a breeze.

Just take an appearance at our online shop and you will certainly see how simple it is to wrap up payment. Click the write-up you desire to buy, After you complete purchasing simply click  Check out easy as that. Currently Money & Postal Order EURs are accepted. Credit Card and various other instant repayment Options are in the works to make your buying even easier. The price of shipping is included in the list price of the seeds, so no requirement to bother with that extra cost of shipping! All seeds are sent out in plain packaging with tracked distribution. Many products will be dispatched the day that repayment is obtained. Otherwise, within 2-3 working days. Our products are of the greatest quality, and our solution is second to none, however we will certainly let you be the judge of that.
We deliver to all nations, worldwide. As some countries ban the import of hemp related items we suggest all prospective clients to check their national laws and by-laws before putting an order, your safety comes first. does not wish to generate anyone to act in dispute with the law and could not be held accountable for those who do so.

Canna Collective

Something missing out on? Any type of Questions?  get in touch with Canna Collective &

The Canna Collective “Bringing You The BEST For LESS”

Canna Collective

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  1. The forum seems to be a dead zone now. I guess crapping on your breeders and customers and banning your top forum contributors is bad for business.

    I should add that I think most of the people leaving positive comments are waiting for an order and hope that posting here will get it mailed out. WARNING!!! STAY AWAY!!!

  2. Walter and Tally wacker

    Yup I banned a few ggg and hemp hole trolls who were completely inappropriate with there actions on any forum

    Seems it was you

    All those in the know are very happy with Canna Collective

    Sorry no fake losers needed

    Bomb genetics and great freebies to boot

    Thanks Dj

    1. Hey Brotha, Been waiting on my seeds for about a month now. Online is says they are still processing. My payment was delivered successfully with a lil tip added. Everything good?

      1. Hi Mecca you wont see any seeds from there, I dont know why it’s still up and running, somebody must pay to keep the circus going, but fer all new and old customers of this place,….IT’S A DEATH TRAP, NOTHING MORE OR LESS, IT’S LIKE A SPIDER SITTING AND WAITING IN IT’S WEB, WAITING TO STRIKE….KEEP AWAY FROM CANNACOLLECTIVE……Iif you’ve been dumb or unlucky enough to have paid money to the place, do a chargeback right away, you wont see any seeds from there, even when it was running Mr. Dj5k or whatever the hoax called himself, had difficulties to part with his seeds, I mean delivery times on sometimes 4-5-6 month…..insanity to go [email protected]







  3. Im a member from the beginning of this site and never had a bad review before til this time.
    I ordered two packs of Diesel fire of Cannaventure and DJ sent me only one, he says he can fixed but never did it.
    If the DJK5 fix my problem I will erase this review hate to do it but he dont answer my PMs now Im an user from the beginning and hate to be treated as an trouble.
    IF you look here I wrote two good review about this site in the beginning.

  4. WOW DJ, you are a liar and you know it.because i havent got any beans in the post either and emails not repied to.$400 down the drain ,you sure its not ripz the 2nd.

  5. For some reason unknown got email saying I didnt meet the requirements for registration…an actual medical patient with stomach cancer that was trying to give them benefit of the doubt after couple online peeps had stated they hadnt recieved orders…Complete joke as far as my experience has been…didnt know there were any such requirements for a run of the mill seedbank, besides knowing Im active on other boards and first bad experience would’ve been an honest report to anyone…Good or bad…He must be that worried about getting ignorant ways spread even farther than they already are. Peace!

  6. We’ll idk how to really feel about this DJ character. I ordered on the 27th of Dec. He CLAIMED to be backed up due to holidays. It is now Jan 18. Tracking says still origin of post. If I get WHAT I PAID FOR by next week I’ll be a happy camper. All I can say is this is the LAST TIME I order from DJ. Far from Professional. I HIGHLY recommend BEAN BOYZ GENETICS. they SEND u what you ACTUALLY ORDERED.

  7. I had a problem in the past but dj fixed it some time ago, he renewed my trust, cannacollective is my home and the place i want to be.
    cannacollective 100% satisfaction guarantee

  8. i am very sad to say that i did not get the promised 2-for-1 on the GOD-promo. i got my pack very fast, but not the promised extra-pack. then i wrote to DJ on his board and he wrote me back that he would send it (this happened three times, always asked him about it three times a month later, then he respond in the same way). after four months now i am just bored with this dude and write off this simple reseller of my list of options from my future “bean-sluttings”. easy-peasy, hehe. at least i got my worth of seeds in money, but not the free promo. i have to read about many others that had not my “luck” … i feel for everyone being hurt by this stuff, no matter how it comes together.

  9. okay, fellas … thanks to this site i review an envelope with the complete order resend plus an extra pack on top of the promised one. (it must have been this review, since nothing else helped.) canna collective made me whole and then some. thanks, DJ. took four months and a bit bitching on my side but he kept his word in the end … i hope this helps anyone else too. thanks to this site and the CC for the satisfying result. many greetings, SAN

    (i have tweaked the stars accordingly)

  10. Scion.

    Get over it. Move on. You got beans. I’ve had my share of “puny, un-colorful” gear to only uncover pure fire. The look of a bean doesn’t always ditact viability growth or genetic inferiority..

  11. I believe this seedbank is sheisty and dishonest.

    Was waiting for OG Rascal’s White Fire to be in stock somewhere and found the only available seeds at CC.

    Sent email and registered cash in an envelope with address and username.

    Envelope was received on CC’s end and I requested confirmation of payment through both email contacts provided on website.

    I have sent emails to both contacts weekly for the last 10 weeks and have not received a single response from CC.

    And still have not received seeds. (surprisingly)

    Wish I had of seen the reviews here before placing an order.

    I have ordered 1000’s of “souvenirs” over the years and received every order.

    I understand things go missing/wrong, but this to me is simply CC is a ripoff merchant and a shitstain on the seedbank community that needs to be scrubbed out.

    1. DJ is the person who is supposedly in charge of orders, I was at literal war with him for an entire year before I got my product, dude smokes too much weed at work or something but it was excuse after excuse, claimed he had sent my order several times but would never give me tracking number, why? Because he never shipped when he said. My order was supposedly living on his desk for months waiting to be shipped, when I finally got items I was not happy with the quality at all. Avoid this company and DJ!

  12. Idk D.J I was going to look at CC to buy some seeds but after reading these post I don’t want or like to beat my head against the wall and that’s what it sounds like I’d be signing up for. NO THANKS.

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