Cannabis Clones from Seed Plants

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Cannabis Clones from Seed Plants

Why would you make cannabis clones if you are growing from seed?


Cannabis Clones from Seed Plants Even with the most steady strains there are differences in most dominant phenotype from one seed to another: some will be taller, some smaller sized; they could have bushier flowers in 8 weeks or take a bit longer. The concept behind selecting a mom plant is a bit like posting all your family photos on the computer: you also keep a back up. When you find to the end of the cannabis grow that one of your marijuana plants is a blinder, with fantastic amounts of bud, you have a copy (a cannabis clone) made to utilize and reuse as you want.

Another benefit of growing from clones is when growing hydroponically: in a hydroponic set up you desire all of your plants to be similar in height, feeding requirements and ripening as you have less capacity to deal with variance.

Sprout your cannabis seeds and grow on for at least 5-6 weeks in vegetative growth. I grew these in 2L pots till 7 weeks old by which time they were becoming root bound. , if you have the space I would recommend transplanting into 10L pots at week 4.

I was using non-feminised seeds so in week 6 I put my plants into flower in order to sex them. By week 7 I knew which plants were female. Each plant had at least 8 internodes so I prepared to take a minimum of 2 cuttings from each plant. Probably the most crucial thing to do is to precisely label both cuttings and mothers. When I transferred my young plants into 10L pots I used tippex and roman characters I– V (straight edges are much easier and clearer to do with tippex).

Cannabis Clones from Seed Plants

Next I took two cuttings (clones) from each plant, one to conserve as a brand-new mom and the other to trial to see which plant flowers best directly from a cutting for hydroponic use in a sea of green (some plants just choose to be big before they flower). See below for guidelines on taking clones. You then have to find a means to identify each cutting / clone. I’m using peat plugs which are themselves impossible to identify, so I cut down 7cm pots into deep trays and add a little coco to stablise them. Each tray is identified with the matching number provided to the mom.

As soon as the clones have actually taken root (about 10 days), its time to put one into flower. The original mothers are also put into flower. The various other cuttings are kept in vegetative growth in their own mini grow location. Now I can see which of my plants makes the best big blooming plant, which of the cuttings makes the very best sea of green strategy, and utilize this information to pick the best mom out of the vegetative grow room.

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