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Cannabis Or Alcohol – What Does More Harm?

The worse entry-level drug: alcohol

It is a question that is equally hotly debated among critics and advocates of marijuana legalization: what causes more harm, what is unhealthier? Cannabis or alcohol? What is worse? Science has finally come up with a definitive answer to this question: and no big surprise its alcohol. Which is exactly 114 times deadlier than marijuana.

Cannabis Or Alcohol - What Does More Harm?
Cannabis Or Alcohol – What Does More Harm?

Cannabis Or Alcohol – What Does More Harm?

This is the conclusion of the English-language science portal “IFLScience“, which examined independent studies on the subject and compared them with each other. The IFL researchers came to the conclusion that cannabis is less addictive and simply less unhealthy than alcohol.

For example, the site reports that alcohol alone causes 3.3 million deaths a year worldwide. Statistically, this means that every ten seconds someone dies because of the health consequences of alcohol consumption or an accident involving Alcohol.

The worse entry-level drug: alcohol

Another study selected by IFL with 8,000 US participants certifies that 15 percent of drinkers can be described as “alcoholics” – cannabis consumers were only able to speak of “addiction” in nine percent of the cases.

Even the common claim that cannabis is an ideal entry-level drug, the IFL article reveals which drug actually has this dubious honor: alcohol. The survey also analyzed data from a US-wide 2012 survey, which looked at which soft drugs consumers switched to harder substances.

It revealed that while 60 percent of cannabis consumers switched to harder drugs, 88 percent of drug addicts had their “career” started with the alcohol addiction.

One scientist, Matthew Lazenka of Virginia Commonwealth University, is even convinced that even coffee could be a harder and more harmful drug than cannabis. According to him, caffeine meets more criteria on the common tables for drug abuse than the active cannabis drug THC.


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