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Cannabis Pre-vegetative cycle

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Cannabis Pre-vegetative cycle

The Cannabis Pre-vegetative cycle starts as soon as your Cannabis plant grows its first set of true leafs.

Cannabis Pre-vegetative cycle.
The pre-vegetative period starts straight after the seedling stage.

hat is the pre-vegetative cycle?
The pre-vegetative cycle is the period between germination and the grow cycle, where the true leafs transform from a single fingered leave to 5 fingered leaves.

During this period your Cannabis plants are still quite weak and still developing their strength, you need to make sure their environment (light, temperature, humidity etc.) is optimum during their pre-vegetative cycle.

How long does the pre-vegetative cycle take?
Depending on different factors the pre-vegetative cycle can take anywhere between 5 days to 2 weeks.

I usually pre-grow my plants for about 10-14 days, ater this I start the real grow cycle.



pre-vegetative period depends on a lot of different factor

The length of the pre-vegetative period depends on a lot of different factors, I usually wait until the third-fourth internode is visible.What about light?
Cannabis plants require 18 hours of light followed by 6 hours of darkness every day.

They do not require intense light during this cycle, the light of a T5 fluorescent tube, or a dual spectrum watt HID light up to 150 watts.

Air & Ventilation
Pre-vegetative Cannabis plants require a light breeze produced by a fan.

This will help strengthening their main branch and prevent stale air from building up under the leafs of the plants.

Inside a grow room you will require to have both air intake and out-take to create the optimum conditions.


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