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What Cannabis Strains are the Hardest to Grow?

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What Cannabis Strains are the Hardest to Grow? For those who grow cannabis in a home based garden, getting the perfect buds to flower can be quite difficult depending on what Cannabis Seeds you’re trying to grow. Since it’s quite difficult to properly cultivate, get the right amount of nutrients, and offer enough proper LED lighting, there are a few strains that are, in particular quite difficult to grow.

Whether or not you are going to be able to get a good bud out of these strains will depend greatly on how you cultivate the garden, how well you take care of it, and other conditions outside of the grower’s control, including the actual strain itself, and the difficulty to grow it in a home based garden.

What Cannabis Strains are the Hardest to Grow?

One of the most popular strains which you should only grow if you’re experienced and somewhat of an expert is Trainwreck. Another would be Oger’s Kush, which is a along with Jack Herer strains, is difficult to grow because of the high levels of hermies, as well as other factors that are required to get the proper growth. Jack Herer is notoriously hard to grow in many places, especially when you are keeping the garden growth mainly outdoors.

There are various factors that play in plant growth, including how well you maintain the garden, the amount of lighting you can get, the nutrient and air flow through your garden, and the amount of natural lighting that is required for growth as well.

These strains are notoriously harder to grow, because of a combination all of these growth factors having to be optimal, especially the LED lighting, which requires the strongest growth lights (which tend to be the most expensive lights as well). Strains like these are generally harder to grow cause the additional factors that required and are generally out of the growers control, and nature is not typically friendly to a home based outdoor garden.

Sativa strains (BCSC, Maui Mist, Blaze, and several others), have also been classified as some of the harder strains to grow in a home based garden. It is no so much that they are harder to grow and take care of during the cultivation and budding period, but more of a fact that they take longer to grow, which makes it harder for a home grower to do the job well. Because the longer a growth period is, the more time you have to mess it up!

Additionally, strains like these should not be grown in smaller areas, they do require more space, more care, more attention, and more time than some of the strains that can be grown in a fraction of the time, and with much less effort. So, if you consider time as a factor in difficulty, then these types of strains are also some of the more difficult strains to grow in your home based garden as well.

Many of these strains are more difficult to grow due to the height and space requirements that are needed to grow them in. Therefore, since most home growers do not have the freedom, and the larger space which is required, they are generally more difficult to grow, due to the limitations that you have in a home garden. Most of these strains, namely the sativa strains, also require the longer growth periods as described above, which makes them more difficult to grow for several home growers as well.

And, the external factors, that are outside of the growers control, are also going to play a role in inhibiting the growth in these strains, and is going to make them much more difficult for a home grower to grow, when attempting to grow these strains in their home based garden. Many of these strains, again the sativa strains, should not be grown indoors either. They are more susceptible to poor budding, and will not give you the optimal results that they would get when grown in the proper environment, with the proper space to grow, and the right time and care being given to the strains in their growth process.

So, whichever of these strains you plan on growing, or have considered growing in a home based garden, you will be dealing with several hardships and possible failure in growth. Not only due to the longer growth periods, and much higher levels of care that should be given (which many don’t have the time for), but also the space requirements, which many home growers do not tend to have. These limitations along with external factors which are out of your control make these strains extremely difficult to grown.


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