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Cannabis Vegetative Growth Stage

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Cannabis Vegetative Growth Stage

The Cannabis Vegetative Growth Stage is when your plant develops from a seedling and prepares to grow the flowers you eventually smoke. Energy produced by the plant is put into growing healthy roots, stems, and leaves which support the buds created in the flowering phase of marijuana growth.

In this post we will cover when your cannabis plant is ready to begin and complete its vegetative growing, in addition to what lighting, water, and nutrients to provide it with.

A plant is in is in the Cannabis Vegetative Growth Stage  when your seedling has finally developed its rooting system and starts to rapidly produce recognisable marijuana leaves.

During the Cannabis Vegetative Growth Stage, your cannabis plant will maximize its photosynthesis to produce as much green, leafy foliage as possible, using the light, water, nutrients and CO ² offered in its environment. Optimising these elements can bring about a plant growing up to an inch a day!

A typical amount of time a marijuana plant invests in vegetative development is 4-6 weeks however it can last as little as 2 weeks or for as long as you like, especially if you’re keeping a mother plant for clones.

Grow tip:

Cannabis Vegetative Growth Stage is an optimal time to take clones if you are particularly impressed with the strain you are growing.

You should be providing your plant at least 18 hours light in every 24 hour cycle if you’re growing indoors. As needing lots of light, cannabis in vegetative growth likewise requires a whiter light to duplicate that of mid summertime. A bulb that is rated 6500k is ideal for vegetative growth.

Your plant uses Nitrogen for stems, leaves and the various other green parts of your plant. Bear in mind that as your plants get larger, they will require more water so it’s likely you’ll need to water your plants at least every various other day.
Both under and over watering will trigger the leaves of your marijuana plant to droop. It is simple to discriminate; under watered leaves will be wilted and lifeless, over watered leaves will be firm and curled down.


It’s during preflowering that you have the ability to develop the sex of your plants. Marijuana grows its pre-flowers between the 4th and sixth week of vegetative development, developing on the fourth or 5th point where leaves are connected to the primary stem (internode) down from the top. When a plant’s pre-flowers have shown, it is mature enough to start blooming. Pre-flowers are likewise an early indicator of a cannabis plant’s sex, although It will be tough to tell until you’ve put your plant into flower. The diagrams below could help you to analyze what the sex of your plant is. You can likewise utilize our overview of male and female marijuana plants.

Cannabis Vegetative Growth Stage

Cannabis Vegetative Growth Stage

Rootbound cannabis plantTransplanting throughout the Cannabis Vegetative Growth Stage is rather typical when growing in dirt and occurs to preserve a plants healthy development. If a plant has actually outgrown its container, it will end up being root bound, stunting its growth and leaving your plant looking sparse. You can examine your plant for root bound problems by removing it from its pot and checking if the roots have matted around the sides and the bottom of the pot. Avoid problems during transplanting by keeping the medium moist.

Grow tip:

Get the pots to see if the roots show up. If you can see the roots, it might be root bound and require closer inspection.

Vegetative growth provides you with a chance to train your plant to enhance the number and size of budding sites for when your plant enters flowering. These techniques makes it respond and go into overdrive to take care of the problem.

Split stemsSplit marijuana stem
You can repair it by simply fastening a zip tie or something similar around the afflicted location, making sure you close it without pressing it too tight and suffocating the stem. Get rid of the tie once the split has actually fixed.

Stunted growth
If your plant seems to plateau and stop growing in its first weeks of the Cannabis Vegetative Growth Stage, it indicates growth has actually stunted. This can be triggered by a variety of aspects; the grow environment being too cold, and over or under watering. Cannabis plants are very resilient and can recover from stunted development. If you do not fix the problem quickly, there is a point of no return.

Nutrient Burn/Deficiency
Nutrient burn or deficiency throughout the Cannabis Vegetative Growth Stage can happen in a variety of different ways and has a tendency to show on a marijuana plants leaves. Problems with nutrients are generally caused when you are providing the plant with the wrong quantities. Check your PH and PPM (parts per million) as this can affect the quantity of nutrients your plant can take in. The best method to deal with nutrient burn is to flush your plants. When you have worked out exactly what your plant is missing out on from its diet plan, make sure to readjust your plants nutrients appropriately.

Cannabis Vegetative Growth Stage


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