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Extreme Q Vaporizer Review

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Extreme Q Vaporizer Review

Extreme-Q Vaporizer  Review was one of the first vaporizers on the market. The unit is a desktop vaporizer and the latest model includes a remote allowing for temperature changes and remote shutoff, a very useful feature to say the least. The Arizer Extreme-Q vaporizer has a few different  attachment accessories allowing it to be used in a few different ways. The unit I tested was had the bag based attachment on so that’s what i’m basing my review off of here. The unit itself is very attractive and sturdy, being comprised of a metal base, and ceramic bowl on top of the heating element. One of the nice features of the Arizer {Extreme-Q} is the ability to set the temperature digitally giving you full control over the vaporization process.


How The Extreme Q Vaporizer Review It Works:

After plugging the unit in (duh!) you set the temperature on the front display to the desired temperature, place some herb in the top ceramic bowl, and add whatever attachment on after that. The unit doesn’t take long to reach the set temperature, and once its at the temperature you set, it stays there. The attachment I used was the bag attachment because I wanted to compare it to the Volcano Vaporizer (see my review). The bag didn’t take long at all to fill up and once filled gave me smooth and full vapor hits. The bag based solution is also perfect for when you have friends over.

Overall Review:

I still enjoyed the volcano vaporizer better, but given the lower price tag of this unit I cut it some slack. The hits that it gave me where consistent and not harsh whatsoever, and the herb inside the ceramic bowl never combusted during the bag filling process. One thing that does worry me about this unit are the mind boggling amount of ceramic pieces that come with it. Most of the pieces are prone to being broken sooner or later, and that is why Arizer gives you the three year warranty on the unit and the parts. The remote function was useful for shutting the vaporizer down after a long session and not wanting to leave the couch. If you are looking for a versatile desktop vaporizer in the two hundred dollar and up price range and want to be able to use a whip attachment as well as the bag attachment then look no further than this. While there are better desktop units out there for cheaper prices the Arizer Extreme-Q vaporizer is still a worthy contender.

Final Thoughts:

I enjoyed my experience with the Arizer Extreme-Q Vaporizer, but given the higher price tag and amount of easily breakable ceramic parts I can’t say that I would purchase one as my main desktop vaporizer. While it was impressive with all of its features and attachment options, it left something to be desired with the overall experience. Check out my other desktop vaporizer reviews and my volcano vaporizer review to see which one I like the most. I give this vaporizer a guru rating of 7/10



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