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Germinate more cannabis seeds


Germinate more cannabis seeds

Regrettably, I know loads of growers who won’t touch anything new. They cling to their aging mother plant like a bucket of gold claiming that nothing else quite cuts it like this one particular phenotype. But the irony is that 99.9% of the time they didn’t start their mother plant from seed.


They originally nursed it as a cutting given to them by a friend! So somewhere further down the line, there was a kind, innovative grower who bothered to start some new seeds, selected the best producer, and then generously gave away some respective cuttings. If it hadn’t have been for that kind soul then they’d never had their “prized genetics” in the first place!

Germinate more cannabis seeds

Ok, let’s turn this idea on its head. Imagine if every reader of Best Seed Bank (conservatively that’s around 280,000 of you per month!) went out and bought a new pack of cannabis seeds, for example some interesting variety that you liked the look of.It might be something as whimsical as the name, or you might like the description of the taste or plant shape, or you might have heard good reports about it, or researched the reputation of the seed company perhaps.


Anyway, let’s say that each one of you readers starts off ten brand new seedlings at some point in the next month. Hardly a huge undertaking for any one individual is it? But collectively that’s over 2,800,000 brand new Cannabis plants suddenly entering the urban gene pool!


Now, it s not just a question of starting off the seeds and growing them to fruition. You will need to carefully label each seedling, take cuttings (and label those respectively) so that you can preserve the genetics whilst you see what each seedling is capable of in your growing environment.


It takes more space than you think to maintain a bunch of potential mother plants, whilst flowering off the original seedlings, so make sure you allow adequate room. It’s important to keep all the “ potential mother plants” in tip top condition whilst you see what’s what.


Christ on a bike! That’s good news for Cannabis lovers!, Now if, each grower picks the best of their bunch, and then compares notes with their friends, a sort of “urban selection” takes place. Eventually the “best of the best emerge, and guess what? We have the best, or at least the most interesting and diverse, active Cannabis genetics in the world! This isn’t a pipe dream. It’s my cal! to action to every urban gardener!



Germinating most type of seed is very easy Water is the essential component. Use distilled / drinking water if possible. As soon as the seed has absorbed a sufficient amount of moisture, the seedling begins to form its root system and break through its shell. My preferred method is to place some moist tissue on a plate. (Drain off any
excess moisture).


Place the seeds on top of the tissue and then cover with a second layer of moist tissues. Cover the plate with another upturned plate, so that the seeds are kept in darkness and the environment remains nice and moist. Store the covered seeds in a warm place (21cC) such as an airing cupboard.


Check the seeds daily sprinkle the tissues if necessary and carefully transplant the seeds when they open and the tip of the root becomes visible. This can take as little as 12 hours, or as long as a week. Bury the seed in growth medium (rockwool cubes are an excellent choice) approximately the size of the seed under the surface (about 5 mm) with the root facing downwards if possible.



i know what some of you are thinking. Experiments with new genetics can be a hit and miss. And it’s ail too easy to concentrate on what might happen if you buy a bag of ‘ duff seeds rather than sticking to what you know, right? So my advice is simple: Do both! Keep growing your old favourites.


After all, you don’t want to see them go. But try introducing something new every so often. You don’t have to start off a whole load of seeds at once, especially if space is at a premium, but perhaps just pop a few new pips with every new crop.




Don’t worry if your first batch of seeds produce nothing remarkable compared with your current mother plant’s offspring. Conversely try not to see your new plants with rose-tinted: glasses either. Ask friends for an honest opinion. But, most importantly, remember to keep trying! Make the introduction of new genetics part of your growing cycle. One day you’ll strike lucky, or be given a cuffing from somebody else that did!



So here’s the final plea. I’m urging you, begging you in fact, to leave this post and …. (no, not that quick!) … buy a packet of new and interesting sounding seeds. You could end up being the saviour of thousands of growers throughout the land! Imagine that!.


At the very least you and your friends will be enjoying something different in your  bowl to last year. There are loads of great seed companies to choose from check out the top rated seed banks – who knows where it could lead? You could even end up breeding your own varieties further down the line, assigning them some really, really silly names and starting up your own enterprise! Stranger things have happened!




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