Grow Chat Forum Review

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Grow Chat Forum Review

Grow Chat Forum Review
Grow Chat Forum

Grow Chat Forum Review, Online forum: Win Free Seeds and Volcano Vaporizer
We are the only marijuana online forum that offers you 20 cost-free marijuana seeds for making 500 posts, 1500 for feminized seeds and a cost-free volcano vaporizer ($600 value) for 7000 posts. Minimum 15 words per post and should be original content.


  1. has the best seeds out of 8 different seed banks I have used! The all germinate as well as grow to beyond expectations or description! They answer emails promptly and have clear order instructions! I highly recommend!!!!!

  2. I want to get free seeds.500 posts I think it said,my comment is when you change your lights to 12/12 to begin flowering.when do you start counting the time in flowering,when the first white pistols appear,or from the told me of the switch

  3. I signed up and this was my First Time ever . Robert just took me by the hand after I read the entire book . He just made it so simple. Great Just Great!!! 5 Stars babv

  4. I signed up to this forum and the people there are awesome. They offer free seeds once you reach 500 . 20 free seeds man! .. Great site.

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