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Grow marijuana Indoors: how to stay on track for a good harvest

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Grow marijuana Indoors: how to stay on track for a good harvest. Ever notice that there’s a whole lot of information out there for setting up your grow and caring for your cannabis, but not a whole lot about when to harvest? The problem could be that a lot of growers don’t make it that far. The key for success is to not deviate from the course. Here’s how to stay on track and reap the rewards of a bountiful marijuana harvest.

Grow marijuana Indoors: how to stay on track for a good harvest
Grow marijuana Indoors: how to stay on track for a good harvest

Record Keeping

You’ve probably heard about Gregor Mendel, the monk who painstakingly bred peas and discovered the field of genetics. He noted their growth behavior and patterns. Hell, he probably named them. To be successful, you’ll have to be a bit like Brother Gregor.

Here’s what you need to record:


Aim to keep the temperature within the 72-75 degree Fahrenheit range. Take the temperature at least three times a day to get an idea of how hot or cold the grow area gets. Pay attention to your cannabis. Note how well they do at what temperature, then keep your grow that temperature.


Cold, when combined with humidity, is all that’s needed for spores and mold to infect your weed. Humidity levels should range within 30 to 60 percent humidity. Hygrometers measure the amount of humidity in your grow box or tent. If you want an automated system that controls the humidity then look into humidistats. Record the humidity levels and use that to determine how effective your ventilation systems are and monitor what you need to adjust.


For hydroponic systems, you want to ensure that your weed’s roots are getting enough oxygen. Root rot can be a big problem if your weed’s roots are sitting in nutrient solution for hours at a time. Invest in a timer and set a schedule that allows for periods of air between nutrient cycles. Additionally, record pH levels. The pH should be between 6.0 and 6.5. Anything outside of this range will cause your plants to become malnourished.

Light Settings.

There are plenty of different light settings and schedules (too many to mention in detail here) that encourage faster growth or more buds. What’s important here is consistency. Once you have determined your light schedule, keep a record of your cannabis’ progress. Don’t switch it up mid-grow. This confuses your plants and messes with their bud production. Instead, keep a record of what works and what didn’t. Use these records to help out next time.


Not only will your meticulous records help you develop the best grow system for your conditions and strain, but they also allow you to note subtle changes.

When marijuana buds start to develop, you’ll notice long hair-like strings on the buds. When those strings start to change color from white to brown, that’s when you know the buds are ready. Keep the weed potent by lowering the humidity for a day or two before harvest. How much lower? Lower than what the plant finds normal, and you’ll know that by looking at your records.



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