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grow tent setup

grow tent setup

How to make the most of your grow tent setup, Come February/March those of you who have traditional gardens and allotments will no doubt be getting seeds started indoors ready for the Spring. Free space is always at a premium inside the home and you may well find yourself trying to squeeze propagators into any area big enough for them, even when a better solution exists – a grow tent!

Current owners of grow tents should already know the product benefits, namely making the most of the light generated from a lamp and gaining heightened control over the environment. They are fantastic if you have grown large plants to fill the available area, but for small, young plants eventually heading outdoors there often seems to be a lot of wasted room. the perfect grow tent setup should involve Setting up Ezi-Roll Light Hangers to optimise the position of the light does help, although a lot of vertical space still ends up being unused. Fortunately you can overcome the problem of empty vertical space by installing a utility shelf, which essentially adds another layer to your tent. They are robust enough to support propagators and a light, allowing you to create 2 square metres of floor space from a 1 metre square tent – clearly advantageous when propagation time comes around.

grow tent setup aims to walk you through installation of the utility shelf to double the amount of your available space.

Grow Tent Set Up Pictures

First things first, check that everything you need is present. A factory packed kit can still be subject to errors so find out before you start work rather afterwards.

The next step is to completely remove everything from your tent – you do not want to damage plants or equipment should something go wrong. Clear an area around the tent since you will be required to dismantle parts of the tent in order to fit the shelf.

How to make the most of your grow tent

For simplicity’s sake assemble the utility shelf frame now, remembering to insert the centre support bar before adding the second side of the frame.

Once the shelf frame has been put together, remove the top of the tent by unzipping the zips, folding back the cover and disconnecting the framework. Carefully lift the shelf frame, since it is not totally stable at this stage, and ease over the top of the tent poles. Then move the shelf into the desired position, ensuring it is even, and tighten the screws to secure in place.

How to make the most of your grow tent

Clip the wire mesh support shelving onto the framework, making sure that each one sits as close to the respective pole as possible. Make sure the shelf is secure by pushing down on it. You’re now done, so reassemble the tent!

Fix the light back up, in this instance a SunMate CFL reflector. With the top shelf now free, some lighting can go here. Two T5 fluorescent tubes will suffice as these can sit straight on top of the propagators. The final step before reintroducing the plants is to make sure the lights work.

grow tent setup

There we have it, for your grow tent setup twice as much available space for pretty minimal effort.

Grow Tent Setup Complete Video

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