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Growing Marijuana Guide Germination Stage

You’ve got your supplies; now you’re set to start growing some cannabis!

Growing Marijuana Guide Germination Stage
Growing Marijuana Guide Germination Stage

Growing Marijuana Guide Germination Stage. For this stage, you will only need two paper towels, some seeds and a warm dark place to keep the whole setup for a day or two.

The process is really quite simple, and I would recommend setting up the germination while preparing the rest of your supplies.

You want to use spring water or purified water. You can use tap water, but let it sit in open air for 36-48 hours. Using water straight from the tap is not great for the plants.


germinating marijuana seeds in so
germinating marijuana seeds in so

It is important to note that not all marijuana growers feel that this stage is necessary. These growers prefer to simply place the seeds approximately 1/2 to 1 inch below the surface and cover with loose soil.


There is debate amongst growers as to which method is better, but more than likely the influence is fairly insignificant. Germinating your seeds ahead of time is a good way to know which seeds are and are not viable, however.

Germinating marijuana seeds in paper towels
Germinating marijuana seeds in paper towels

To germinate your seeds, simply take one paper towel and pour a quantity of water onto the paper towel. Soak the entire paper towel. The plants need a lot of water to germinate properly. Place several seeds onto the paper towel and cover with the remaining paper towel. Soak the second paper towel with water.

Some people like to place the germinating seeds inside a zip-lock bag or a Tupperware container. Others simply place them in a closed drawer on a plate. Regardless of which you choose, place the paper towels in a warm dark place and check back in twenty-four hours. You will probably begin to see small white sprouts penetrating the seed coat. Once the sprouts reach a length of about 10mm, it’s time to plant.

When your seeds look no larger the picture below, you’re ready to begin the seedling stage.

Germinated marijuana seed
Germinated marijuana seed


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