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Growing Marijuana Guide the Seedling Stage

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Growing Marijuana Guide the Seedling Stage. Now that your seeds have sprouted, you are ensured that they have the potential to form a full-size plant. They may look small right now, but if you take your time and care for them, you will be able to grow plants as tall and large as you would like! So let’s begin with our soil. As we mentioned in the soil section we recommend using some potting soil.

Growing Marijuana Guide the Seedling Stage
Growing Marijuana Guide the Seedling Stage

Begin by taking several small containers. I recommend using Solo 12oz cups; they are great for the seedling stage. Cut four small slits near the bottom of the cups for drainage. Pour water into the cup and let it drain. Allow 10-20 minutes for the water to drain completely.

(And nothing to do with growing but if like me you didn’t know that the Solo Cup Is Also A Measuring Cup here is the explanation of the lines on the cups!:) ).


Once the water has settled, poke a small hole in the dirt using a pencil. Make the hole at most a single inch deep. Making sure not handle the seeds by the sprout, drop a single seed into the hole. The white sprouts coming from the seeds are the roots of the plants, so drop the seeds in root-tip down.

If you mess up, it’s not the end of the world. Attempting to rotate the seed will more than likely do damage to the plant at this delicate stage of life, so just leave it. Cover the seed with some loose soil. Don’t bury it too deeply. Just a little below the surface is fine.

For this stage of growth, if you plan on using standard and not feminized seeds you should be planting around twice as many plants as you would like to grow. There is around a 50% chance that any plant that grows will be female and we will only be focussing on the females. T

The seedlings like to grow in a particularly humid environment. To provide this environment, you can purchase a humidity dome, but alternatively, you can just place plastic ziplock bags over the cups.

Growing Marijuana Guide the Seedling Stage
Growing Marijuana Guide the Seedling Stage

Within a day or two, the plants should begin to protrude from the soil. At this point, your plants will begin embarking on a journey of massive growth. Some plants take longer than others to sprout.

Some will sprout within a day, others may take several. Watch as the plant pokes through the soil and spreads its first two leaves (the cotyledans).

Watch as the first set of rough leaves expands from the center of the smooth leaves. Once the plant has its first two sets of leaves, you can remove it from the humidity dome. Lightly misting the plants’ leaves will help ease the transition to the dry air.

This stage transitions gradually into the vegetative stage. Check out the next grow guide in the seriesĀ Growing Marijuana Guide – Indoor Grow Room Basics


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