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Hash Quality VS Quantity

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Hash Quality VS Quantity

If you’re ever lucky enough to come across some of these sticky beauties you’ll know somebody’s gone to a lot of hassle to assure you get some really top quality.They’re known as ‘Caramelos,’ from the Spanish word for ‘sweets,’ and sometimes also called ‘Huevos’ ‘eggs’.


Typically, they’re 5 grams of finest sieved Moroccan hashish. It’s impossible to find inferior quality Caramelos for the simple reason that whoever creates these eggs is a true Cannabis Lover/Believer and has travelled round-trip from the UK to Morocco on a quest.

Before you purchase, the pure resin is totally unpressed, a golden glistening powder which can instantly be tested and graded by the purchaser. The loose powder is very sticky and easily pressed together in the palm of a hand. As a further test, you can put a flame to it and immediately press your thumb on it. As the delicate ripe resin glands burst from the pressure, the gold dust will darken,and you should be able to see your thumb print on it. As a final test, put a flame to it again and notice if it starts bubbling – that’s high grade.

Once the customer’s satisfied himself as to quality, and agreed a price, its wrapped into egg shapes according to the size the customer wants. These eggs are pressed by hand and wrapped with cling film, three, five or even ten grams like these pictured here. These eggs are extremely rare in the UK, especially since the Nederweed influx of indoor cultivation.

Commercial Hash

Of course it’s a healthier option than the dirty soap bars and adulterated pollens that keep coming into this country on a mass scale. Lucky potheads out there might stumble across amazing grades of resins, only to find their availability very limited. These lucky luxuries have most probably arrived here through some hash aficionado (literally) who‘s turned small-time smuggler, with the emphasis being on small-time. The amounts rarely exceed a thousand grams, and most is usually kept for personal consumption – tiny when compared to the lorry and boat loads continually bringing in tons of dodgy hash.


Shit-hash being brought into the UK is a very distressing fact, and quite simply the  people doing it are bastards! The
government’s even more responsible. Which brings us back to the old argument of decriminalisation vs. coffee shops, and the fact that coffee shops can only survive on quality based ethics. In other words, the crap soap bar will no longer be able to hold its place in the free market, and high grades of hash and charas as well as skuff
will be allowed to take their place.

shit hash

The common view on hash in the UK is that it’s thoroughly dirty, and there’s little to say that will change people’s minds. You can’t expect someone to believe in something they’ve never seen before. More pollen is currently available, but quality is unstable. Just because someone says its pollen doesn’t mean it’s pollen! It can still be full of nasty adulterants. Compared to a Caramelo, a pressed slab of commercial grade pollen hardly bubbles or stays alight. This is evidence of minimal oils, along with a slight brown colour (adulterants) in the smoke. The smoke should be a lovely misty blue colour. There isn’t a lot of difference in the price, but the quality will make you feel like you’ve just had the best orgasm ever and leave a satisfied smirk on your face.

In a place like the Rif Mountains of Morocco, people are proud of their product. Once again it’s about going to the source. This trip has to be a must for every serious hash smoker. Although you can get extremely stoned at home, you cannot fully appreciate the higher states of high even from smoking a piece of Caramelo in your front room. Imagine, instead, being on a kif farm somewhere in the high regions of the Rif. Imagine sieving your own hash by hand, pressing it and then smoking it. Fantastic or what? These are either spiritual moments in  one’s life or else you could just say it’s a real fresh hit of THC that you’ve never experienced before. Unlike quality pollen, which contains almost pure, rich ripe THC glands, many mass-produced pressed pollen blocks contain Nescafe, candle wax, crushed up pills for mental health problems, and the most magical binder – tree sap. Let’s not even start on the soap bars and car tyres.

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