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Heath Robinson Vertical Grow Using Rockwool Slabs: Part 2

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Heath Robinson Vertical Grow Using Rockwool Slabs: Part 2


Archived grow from 2nd November 2005, 07:40 PM

on the HG420 Forums and originally entitled

Heath goes Vertical (again!)

9th November 2005, 03:34 PM

Nowthen Cone ,

I have done a Stadium type grow using 2 x 600w on a light rail, the system was 8′ long and yielded very well, the only downside for you would be plant no’s and the amount of cuttings you have to keep.

Hi dc105,

There is quite a lot of extraction in this room so normaly I cant smell a thing, but I clean the cooltubes once a week and when the extractors are off it gets a bit whiffy! although its nothing compared to the GG/AK grow I have that really stinks

Nice grow thread you have going, there should be some nice buds in a couple of weeks

Hey growguyuk

The spending never stops does it? even on system I have ran for a while im continually tweaking to improve them.

I could have vegged these for a little while longer with hindsight but its better that they are small rather than too big for the system, with a couple of runs to get used to the plant and the system I think these systems will rock.

Hi Peasofmind

I always thought it was a bit dodgy sitting sitting on a old blokes knee and asking him for a present lol the letter sounds a better approach

Ok 18 days of 12/12 and the buds are forming up nicely and the gaps are closing!

day 18 12/12

day 18 12/12

day 18 12/12



day 18 12/12

cannablissUK, Cone, HOG,king ghoul, and NoRm,

Thanks to you all for stopping by its much appreciated

Hi lavatera

Im pleased the hash 47’s are doing well I will give them a whirl sometime down the line, mould is an occupational hazard once you become more successful at growing, when you have crap airy buds there is no problem but as soon as you get big fat buds then it strikes! lol.

Hey ivangrozny,

Your system sounds great, the only thing to wach out for with a system which allows you to move close to the lamps is the tubes containing the substrate do not get too warm this can happen when the plants are little and are too small to act as a shade.

On my first run with the Cage type system the water returned to the rez through a pipe filled with Hydroton which was collinised with benificial bacteria which helped to keep the water sweet.

When you get up and running show us a few pics as I love to see different styles of growing

Cheers stonediggaz

Its a bit nerve wracking using alternative methods especialy when you post the grow in real time and not just show the grow if it turns out well, but I have “turned the corner” with this grow and fingers crossed It should just cruse to the end of the grow.

Day 25 0f 12/12

Day 25 0f 12/12

Day 25 0f 12/12

vertical grow Day 25 0f 12/12

vertical grow Day 25 0f 12/12.

Hi Growguy,

I have only seen the pics of the Octagro, and I agree its a good idea but overpriced. I bet you could build one for a couple of hundred quid.

I will look forward to your vertical, shoot me a Pm when you start, just in case I miss it.

update on day 30 0f 12/12


day 30 0f 12/12

27th November 2005, 04:42 PM

Welcome hiwaystar,

Thanks for the comments its always nice when someone appreciates your grow,so thank you!

Hi Ivan ,

This is going to give a decent yield this time around but as with all things new there is a learning curve, with hindsight I would have probably been able to fit another 30 or so plants in the vertical or vegged them for a couple of days extra.

I think its a good idea to stagger the plants, I thought about doing it after my last vertical grow, I must have had brain fade when I put these in! lol.

Hey growguyuk ,

I have had a cunning plan!  about 12/12 seed to harvest and I think it would be a great technique to try in a vertical grow. So I will give the idea a try in the Aeroflo and if things look good I will give it a try in the Vertical

Latest pics on day 36 of 12/12

day 36 of 12/12

day 30 0f 12/12

9th December 2005, 08:30 PM

Cheers Easy,

Its been a realy easy grow, no problems for a change

Nowthen Cone ,

Yes its the same one, its a realy good Sog pheno and as you can see she frosts up nicely


Dont worry im not above constructive criticism

I have learned a lot on this grow, with hindsight I should have put more clones in or vegged the clones I had for longer. The trouble is I have a fine line between the clones being too small or too large. With experience I will sort out the numbers and size, the worst thing is to let them get too large and the crop is ruined.

As far as im concerned the vertical grows are here to stay but the experience I have of the technique is so new to me that I am on a steep learning curve, so in a way its like turning the clock back for me to when I first started growing and every day I learned something new, so for me these are exciting times. I am realy after achieving over 2gpw, it wont happen for a few grows but when I get it dialled in I think it will be there

Ps I bet you didnt think your question would get such a long and boring answer lol.

Hi sysprog,

I think you are right to wait untill you have mastered flat growing before going vertical. The reason I say this is because although this has been a trouble free grow there are lots of extra problems to cope with on the vertical, such as making sure the plants dont get too large and burn, alternatively not turning them on 12/12 too small and ruining your yield.

Hi DJ,

These vertical systems I have built are continually evolving and I would like to design one which works on a Nft system which requires hardly any substrate, so the answer is yes the next vertical I build from scratch I will document fully so growers can take the best bits of information an apply it to their build

Time for a little update, I have harvested the GG’s and had 105 healthy plants which I have hung up to dry, as soon as I know I will post the final yield

Vertical harvest


Vertical harvest


Vertical harvest


Vertical harvest


OK here is the yield 1491g or in English just over 52 Oz and for all you gpw types 1.24 gpw so a long way short of 2 gpw but im sure it will come!

thanks to all of you who followed the grow it makes it these grow diaries worthwhile …


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