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Hemprove: questionable CBD oil

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Hemprove’s CBD oil, which many athletes tout on Instagram, is one of three products tested in a report last Sunday on this substance. It is sold online, in advertised concentrations of 150, 300 or 600 mg. Prices range from $ 45 to $ 85 per 30 ml vial, plus shipping costs.

hemprove cbd oil
hemprove cbd oil


La Presse had one of these bottles tested by two independent laboratories licensed by Health Canada. The MS Pharma laboratory in Laval reported a concentration of 0.03% CBD, about 10 times less than Hemprove’s packaging claims.

The PhytoChemia laboratory, in Saguenay, then confirmed this: Hemprove oil contains 0.34 mg of CBD per milliliter, while the bottle announces “10 mg [of] CBD full spectrum” per milliliter.

Questioned over the phone, Hemprove owner William Fiset said he was “disappointed” with our lab results. “I think you mix concentration and quantity,” he tried to explain. To demonstrate this, he provided us with his own analysis, done by the Canvas laboratory in British Columbia, which has no Health Canada license to test cannabis.

“Basically, I buy a dough from Slovenia,” he says. I buy it in large quantities, that’s what is incorporated into the bottle.

The laboratory document he sent us shows that the pulp used only contained 6.63% CBD. “To make a bottle of 600 mg, I ask the laboratory to take 600 mg of this paste. They heat it and put it in the bottle. From the beginning, that’s how I worked. The dough does not have all the time the same concentration, “he admits.

“Ask authorized producers like Aurora or Aphria, they’ll tell you that’s how it’s done,” says Fiset.


Several people in the industry, including representatives of the Quebec Cannabis Society (SQDC), confirmed that Hemprove’s concentration calculations have nothing to do with recognized industrial processes.

“We see a lot of scams with similar products sold on the black market. They give the amount of resin used, which has nothing to do with the actual concentration of CBD or THC in the product.

– Adam Greenblatt, spokesperson for producer Canopy Growth

“Either the guy does not know much about biochemistry and manufacturing processes, or he does fraudulent marketing,” says Jose Dominguez, a cannabis culture specialist who is a consultant in the industry.

In Quebec, only the SQDC is authorized to sell such oils without a medical prescription. Its products are compulsorily tested by an independent laboratory that verifies and certifies the concentration of CBD or THC.

A resident of Gatineau, William Fiset has decided to incorporate his business in Ontario, where, he says, the laws allow him to market such products made from hemp. However, it does not have a cannabis processor license or industrial hemp production license that would allow it to market its CBD oil, according to Health Canada rules. He says he does business with “partner” companies that hold such licenses but refuses to reveal their names.

The laboratory documents he has provided show that his products have not been tested for pesticides, solvents, microbes, and fungi, as required by the rules imposed by Health Canada.

A study published in November 2017 in the Journal of the American Medical Association ( JAMA ) found that 70% of CBD products sold in the United States had deceptive levels. Since 2015, the Food and Drug Administration has sent more than 40 warning letters to producers who sell their products without the necessary permits.


Both laboratories detected concentrations of two to three times greater CBD-A than CBD. This acid form of the CBD must be heated between 100 and 200 degrees to be activated. “His level of activity is minimal. This is probably the result of the natural degradation of the product, “said chemist Hubert Marceau, director of development at Phytochemia. But even taking into account CBD-A, the total concentration of CBD and CBDA in the oil is just 10% of the 300 mg of CBD announced in the label.

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