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How does cannabis work with recreational drugs?

Mixed consumption can lead to unexpected consequences.

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How does cannabis work with recreational drugs? In the last article, we described the interactions of cannabis with the most common drugs.

How does cannabis work with recreational drugs?
How does cannabis work with recreational drugs

However, cannabis is often used with other recreational drugs, such as tobacco, alcohol or amphetamines.

The interactions with other recreational drugs are often difficult to estimate. Below we show you, which interactions can occur with the different recreational drugs.

Cannabis and tobacco

The nicotine in tobacco inhibits the action of THC, while on the other hand, THC enhances the nicotine action.

There is also an increased risk of respiratory disease, nausea, and vomiting. In addition, the addictive potential is much higher than with a joint containing only cannabis.

Cannabis and alcohol

The combination of alcohol and cannabis can cause nausea and circulatory problems. Motor and mental performance and responsiveness are disturbed.

It is difficult to perceive the warning signals in the body, as the alcohol effect is enhanced by the cannabis.

Cannabis can increase the effect of hallucinogens

Your mental attitude and surroundings are the most important factor when taking hallucinogens. Never let yourself be persuaded to take any mind-altering drugs if you have the slightest doubt that you are fully committed to it. And will be able to cope with the possible visual and auditory effects.

And always make sure you are in a safe comfortable place before taking any hallucinogens.


Cannabis and Magic Mushrooms

The THC can intensify the effect of the mushrooms. However, there is some evidence that the risk of developing psychosis is also increased.

Cannabis and LSD

As with the mixed consumption of mushrooms, cannabis in combination with LSD enhances the hallucinogenic effect.

Some users report a gentler perception of hallucinations. However, there is also the danger that psychoses may be triggered in susceptible people.

The combination of cannabis and stimulant type recreational drugs. 

One of the most important safe use rules is always to drink plenty of water to try to avoid dehydration of the body.

Cannabis and amphetamine (Speed)

The two substances are rather contrary to each other. Cannabis reduces the rushing effect of amphetamine while taking Speed intensifies the euphoric effect of cannabis.

By using both substances at the same time, blood pressure and heart rate are increased. This can expose the body to extreme circulatory stresses, which in the worst case can be fatal. In addition, the combination can trigger anxiety and panic attacks.

Cannabis and cocaine

Cannabis drugs interactions

The euphoric effect of cocaine can be prolonged and intensified by cannabis. However, the burden on the body and circulation are also much higher as the blood pressure and the heart rate rise.

The risk of overdose is much more likely because the warning signals of the body are suppressed.

Cannabis and MDMA

Grass is one of the most commonly used substances to avoid the unpleasant coming down from the MDMA. Cannabis is especially relaxing after a long night in the club and can help you fall asleep.

However, the psychoactive effects of MDMA can also be increased, leading to hallucinations, paranoia and panic attacks.

MDMA, like many other upper, is from the amphetamine family and causes a heavy burden on the cardiovascular system. The simultaneous use of cannabis additionally increases this burden.

As with the other amphetamines, the most important thing about MDMA is: drink plenty of water!

Mixed consumption can lead to unexpected consequences.

Importantly, mixed-use increases the risk of unexpected side effects and unpredictable interactions. Therefore, we urge you to use common sense when mixing recreational drugs. Be safe!


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