How long does it take for edibles to work?

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How long does it take to a edible to kick in?

How long does it take for edibles to work?. There are different ways to consume cannabis. Most users do this by smoking, either through the traditional joint or through a bong, pipe, or even vaporizers. However, another way to obtain the benefits of the plant is through edibles. Eating Cannabis in food is one of the many ways to get the THC or CBD or to take advantage of the medicinal effects that the herb provides. And the best part is that there are edibles for all tastes.

Like vaporizers, one of the main advantages of cannabis edibles is that they also serve as harm reduction. After all, when consuming Cannabis through food, smoke and combustion are avoided. This is one of the reasons that has made more and more medicinal plant patients seek to use edibles when it comes to medicating.

Weed-infused foods, or edibles, are a method of taking medical cannabis. It is tasty, discreet and the effect lasts for a long time. Ideal for people who need long-term relief. There is one drawback: it takes a long time for edibles to kick in. Therefore, patients are sometimes tempted to take some early and unintentionally overeat. After reading this article, you will never make that mistake (again).

Today, edibles are much more than a fun way to get high. Medical users are also discovering it as a great method for using medical cannabis.

So things are going well with the normalization of medical cannabis. However, there is a potential downside to medical cannabis foods: it takes a while for edibles to work. And that’s why people are sometimes inclined to take early because they don’t feel anything yet. This can cause you to take too much, increasing the risk of unwanted effects.

A recreational user will not mind being well stoned for a day. But as a patient, you may not want that. Fortunately, you can also dose well with edibles, if you know how strong they are and how long it takes before you notice the medicinal effect.

How long does it take for edibles to work
How long does it take for edibles to work

Get familiar with your digestive system, first of all, it is good to know that no person is completely alike. Therefore, it is difficult to definitively determine the impact of medical cannabis on an individual. Five milligrams of THC may be enough for some for an evening glued to the couch. For others, 100 milligrams is the rocket fuel needed to start a productive day.

Cannabis Edibles Dosage Guide

Cannabis Edibles Dosage Guide
Cannabis Edibles Dosage Guide

This also applies to edibles. For one it starts working after 30 minutes, while the other doesn’t notice anything after two hours. Fortunately, there is an important factor that can help you estimate how edibles work. And that factor is your digestion.

By being aware of what you ate before consuming an edible, and having an idea of ​​how fast your digestive system usually works, you can make a good estimate. getting familiar with your digestive system is a learning process. And you approach that process as follows.

Preferably on a weekend when you don’t have much to do, start with a little bit. Then wait at least two hours before taking another. Depending on how much you ate that day – and how soon after eating you take an edible – you will feel the effect after a certain amount of time. Write everything down throughout this process. Write down what you ate beforehand and at what time.

Edibles vs. Smoking: Weed Effects

Whether you smoke, vape or eat weed, the effects of THC are the same. You feel cheerful, you get a sense of togetherness, creativity, and deep relaxation. Weed reduces pain, you get red and dry eyes and a lot of appetites. But you can also get palpitations and paranoid feelings at higher doses. Especially when the percentage of CBD in relation to the THC is very low. Therefore, it is not all rose scent and moonshine.

The difference between space cake and smoking is that it takes longer before you notice anything. How long do edibles take to work? It can take up to two hours before you start to feel anything. 

How can I make my edibles kick in faster?

There is a good chance that the effect will only become noticeable after two hours if you ate a heavy lunch beforehand. However, if you decide to take an edible first thing in the morning, chances are it will work after 30 minutes. If you take an edible after a light meal, such as a salad, the effects of cannabis edibles will take between 45 to 60 minutes for edibles take to kick in.

Note that these are averages to give you an idea. How it is with you is personal and you will have to find out as described above.

cannabis tea
cannabis tea

In the US, cannabis-infused drinks are also considered edibles. So these are drinks like weed tea, coffee with cannabis, kombucha, lemonade, etc. The difference lies in the fact that liquids are more easily absorbed by our gastrointestinal tract. That is why you would do well to start extra slowly; don’t empty your glass in one go.

Do you drink a medicinal cannabis drink on an empty stomach? Then expect it to work after 30 minutes. Do you drink it during or shortly after a full meal? Then it takes about an hour.

Tripping on Edibles? Hallucinations and Psychedelics

It is said that eating too much space cake can put you on a bad trip. We want to say something about that. Tripping is the change of perception after taking psychedelics. While weed will definitely give you crazy ideas and a change in perception, weed is nothing like magic mushrooms, LSD, DMT, peyote, or even salvia. This is also apparent from a study at the Johns Hopkins University of Maryland in the US with healthy volunteers. They were given 25 mg of vaporized, pure THC [3]. The subjective effects were compared with the subjective effects of edibles (spacecake), psilocybin (from magic mushrooms), party drug DXM, and salvinorin A from Salvia Divinorum.

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It came up before, but because it’s so important, we’ll report it again. Keep in mind that everyone reacts differently to cannabis. Finding out how you react is a learning process. And because edibles take a little longer to work, the learning process also takes a little more time. Take that time. Start slowly with a low dose and gradually build up. Write down how much you take and when you had other meals that day. That way you learn how your body reacts to edibles.


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