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How To Deal With Stinky Weed Make a Diy Sploof

How To Deal With Stinky Weed Make a Diy Sploof. Weed is stinky. That’s not only a fact; that’s a desired trait. The smellier the weed the better and fresh bud should smell. And it’s not that they necessarily smell bad, exactly. Yes, some bud is super skunky. But I’ve smoked weed that smells like lemons, spice, blueberries, etc. One of my favorite smells like blue cheese. Either way, if you’ve got good weed, it’s going to smell – A LOT.

How To Deal With Stinky Weed Make a Diy Sploof
How To Deal With Stinky Weed Make a Diy Sploof


I’ve seen people wrap all that stink in multiple layers of ziplock bags and cellophane. It’s not enough. The smell can be so pervasive that it’ll waft right out and mark your hands, your clothes, and that entire corner of your house with one big, smelly red flag.

To be honest, I love the smell. In fact, the skunkier, the better. But that doesn’t mean I want to wear the smell to work with me. I happen to work somewhere where we actually have the occasional drug dog sniff around the outside of the building. When that happens, I don’t want that smell singling me out from the 9-5 masses. So I go to great lengths to ensure I don’t smell like weed.

How do you deal with stinky weed?


I store all of my weed in a tinted hermetically sealed glass jar – the kind you store rice or sugar in. I also clean all of the resin out of each of my pieces after so many sessions. Those pieces are then stored in a plastic tub that I keep at the back of my house.

hermetically sealed glass jar
hermetically sealed glass jar

Other people like to keep their weed in wooden boxes. These can be really nice depending on the design of the kief catcher and how well the box seals. I would suggest looking on Etsy or going to your local shop.

I even know people who stuff their weed in bags (or keep them in the bags they came in) and shove all of that into a old coffee can.

Honestly, any well-sealed setup will work.

Clean your hands

How To Deal With Stinky Weed wash your handsSome people try to cloud the smell with Febreeze or incense, but I find that a lot of the time those products simply mask the smell. Stand still and upwind long enough, all others will be able to smell the two distinct scents – Febreeze freshly mowed grass and burnt, sour grass grass.After your smoke session has ended, it’s probably a good idea to wash your hands. If you’re heading into work and more discretion is necessary, I’d suggest an entire shower (especially hands and face). I make sure to wear new, smoke-free clothes, too.

Clear the air

I like to keep fans in the house and open windows to encourage airflow. If I’m worried about smoke in the house, I smoke outside. Make sure you stay out of sight and smell of your neighbors if you live in a neighborhood that may call unwanted attention to you. And store your ashes, too. I put all of my ash and spent joints in a sealable ash tray until I’m ready to throw it away.

Filter your smoke

Finally, if you absolutely want to smoke in the house, there are a few things you can do to filter out the smells.

How to Make a Diy Sploof

1. Poke four or five pencil-sized holes at the bottom of the bottle. Some people swear by a Smokebuddy. They are Black smokebuddy Jr Personal Air Filterplastic containers filled with activated carbon that will last a few months. When it gets clogged, just rinse it out. A junior size will run you about $10 on Amazon. If you don’t want to buy an air filter, and already have activated carbon (commonly used to filter aquarium water) and a plastic bottle, you can make your own diy sploof.

2. (optionally) Place a dryer sheet inside at the bottom of the bottle to prevent charcoal from spilling out.

3. Pour a 1/4 to 1/2 a cup of activated carbon into the bottle and wet with a small shower of water.

4. Let drain and poke a hole in the lid of the bottle.

5. Smoke a bowl and blow your smoke into the lid-hole. Your smoke should filter through the carbon and come out without most of its scent.

You can get a pound of carbon for about the same $10. That can arguably last even longer than a few months. However, if you simply don’t have the ingredients or money, there is an even easier diy project that uses everyday objects you’re sure to have in your house.

1. Collect a stack of dryer sheets (I used 12), two rubber bands, and an empty toilet paper roll.How to Make a Diy Sploof


2. Roll about 10 dryer sheets up and shove them into the toilet paper tube as shown in the photo.

How to Make a Diy Sploof 1

3. Cap the end of the toilet paper roll with the remaining dryer sheets and secure with the rubber bands.

How to Make a Diy Sploof finished


4. Voila. One of the easiest diy projects I’ve ever done.

Does it work? Well…I’d much prefer the activated charcoal. It’s the same ingredient found in water filters. But straight dryer sheets? The smoke wasn’t noticeable to me. I smelled dryer sheets. But then I had a friend, who wasn’t smoking, try to smell the smoke. She noticed it fairly easily.

So, I’m guessing the dryer sheet sploof is so popular on the web because most people trying to hide the smell are the same ones checking if the project worked. If you’re smoking weed, you will get used to the smell. So you probably aren’t a reliable tester.

If you still want to use that sploof, pair it with a fan and an open window. Most of the smell should dissipate fairly soon.

Know more?

Do you care about the smell? How do you get rid of it? Leave a comment below. If you make your own diy Smoke Buddy (with a bottle and carbon), let us know how it worked out!


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