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How to Grow Indoor Weed

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How to Grow Indoor Weed

How to Grow Indoor Weed Growing cannabis indoors is the most popular and common way to grow cannabis. The major advantage of cultivating weed indoors is that you are 100 % in control of exactly what you are growing and this often leads to a much better quality final result. You are not at the mercy of the seasons like outdoor growers, meaning you can plant and harvest marijuana throughout the entire year.

How to Grow Indoor Weed
How to Grow Indoor Weed

How to Grow Indoor Weed

For the novice it might appear there is an intimidating amount of information. but the essentials are simple. As long as you’ve built up a little knowledge, you’ll discover the best ways to grow cannabis indoors in no time.

Are you a commercial grower, are you growing for medical reasons, or are you growing weed indoors for your own individual stash? Just understanding the answer to this question will enable you to select a good area to grow cannabis indoors and make the most of the quality of the weed you’re cultivating.
There are lots of options that you may desire to consider when cultivating weed indoors; you can close off the edge of a basement or attic, put an unused bed room to make use of, transform a closet or purchase a pre-fabricated grow camping tent or cabinet. No matter where you pick to put your grow space, it should be confined to give you even more control over the environment your cannabis plants will be grown in. Our standard guide on establishing an growing room will assist get your indoor marijuana cultivation started.

The cannabis family If you’re growing weed indoors and have a great deal of space, there is no restriction to what you can grow giving you a large option of cannabis strains to select from. Do you want the uplifting high of a sativa like Super Silver Haze or Jack Herer? Or do you prefer the dreamlike body stone of an indica like AK47 and OG Kush? If you are unskilled and have a restricted growing area, try starting with auto-flowering cannabis seeds as they are more flexible and have the tendency to grow smaller.

How to Grow Indoor Weed What medium to use – Soil vs Hydroponics

Soil vs hydroAs an indoor grower, picking between growing in dirt or with hydroponics is a tough choice to make as both growing mediums have advantages and drawbacks. The major influences on your choice will be based around your grow room space and budget. It is easier and less costly to obtain begun with an easy soil grow. A hydroponic system will produce a bigger yield. If you require assistance selecting your indoor cannabis growing medium, you can learn more below.

How to Grow Indoor Weed Types of Indoor Lighting – CFLs vs LED vs HIDs.
Cannabis requires light to grow. For outdoor growers, this is provided by the sun. However, the indoor grower should provide a healthy amount of light to obtain their plants to grow. There are 3 main types of light that are used for indoor cannabis growing; CFLs (Compact Fluorescent lights), LED, and HID (High Intensity Discharge) which are generally a blend of Metal Hallide (MH) and High Pressure Sodium bulbs (HPS). This is where budget and area are very important. Use our guide as each kind of lighting system has its own benefits and downsides which are set out in the lighting area of  Best Seed Bank.

Water and Drainage
Plants will not grow without water. When choosing an appropriate place or space for growing weed indoors, thinking about a water source is a must. Your water and drainage will be affected by whether you opt to grow in soil or hydroponics and in both cases you will need a trusted supply of good quality water.

How to Grow Indoor Weed Temperature Control
Mouldy LeavesTemperature and environment control is essential for the weed you’re growing cannabis indoors. Outdoors, the bulk of cannabis pressures grow in a heat similar to those discovered in Southern California, the Mediterranean or the tropics. You will have to attempt and recreate these conditions indoors. However, too cold or too hot, and you will destroy your marijuana crop. Measure the temperature of your grow space, utilizing fans to help manage its temperature and supply fresh air to the plants.

How to Grow Indoor Weed Air Circulation
Your cannabis plant uses a great deal of CO2, so excellent air circulation making use of a vent and fan to develop air flow is essential for a healthy grow. Excellent smell control helps keep the odor of your grow room at an undetectable level. You can find more info on air flow and odor control below.

Air ventilation

How to Grow Indoor Weed Security
Finally, when choosing your grow area you could wish to consider security. You certainly do not wish to bring any undesirable attention to your indoor cannabis grow room. Do not stress though, security problems are less of an issue and you will sleep simpler if you take care of the following concerns before beginning.

– Noise– Muffling your fans and pumps will lower sound. You can use rubber or foam fittings together with insulating ducting to reduce noise.
– Fragrance– Growing marijuana indoors will smell. Having good odor control is a way of ensuring your next-door neighbors will not understand about your grow.
– Electricity– A spike in the amount of electrical energy you are utilizing could be enough to inform your electrical energy service provider so be as efficient as you can.
– Do not discuss your grow to anyone. The fewer people who know the better. If you don’t tell anyone in the first location, you do not have to worry about anyone taking your plants or informing on you.

Knowing how you can grow weed indoors has to do with research and preparation. Ask yourself the right questions and prepare your grow properly and you’ll be effectively growing weed indoors in no time at all.

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