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How to Make a Sploof

How to Make a Sploof


When you want to smoke, but odor is of concern, you need to take precautions.  One classic solution to the marijuana smell problem is a simple device referred to as a sploof.  This guide describes the process of constructing one of these homemade odor-eliminators.


How to Make a Sploof


The pictures used in this guide were submitted anonymously though email.  The directions were unreadable, but to whoever sent the pictures, I thank you.






You Will Need: 

Empty Paper-towel/Toilet-paper RollSeveral Dryer Sheets (Fabric Softener)Duct Tape or Rubber Bands

How to Make a Sploof




Begin by taking 3-4 dryer sheets and placing them over one end of the paper towel roll.


How to Make a SploofHow to Make a Sploof


Next, seal the dryer sheets onto the paper towel roll with duct tape.


How to Make a Sploof


Crinkle up the remaining dryer sheets.


How to Make a Sploof


Stuff the crinkled up dryer sheets into the open end of the sploof.


How to Make a Sploof


…and your sploof is ready for clandestine smoking!


How to Make a Sploof


Use and Tips


To use the sploof effectively, simply take your hit and exhale through the sploof.  The smoke will be filtered through the dryer sheets and will be expelled nearly odour-free!


Be careful, because only smoke that is filtered by the sploof can be deoderized.  Use a pipe and place a quarter over the bowl as soon as you are done taking your hit to minimize the impact of escaped smoke.


Test out the sploof in a safe location before using it in a high-pressure situation to make sure it deoderizes properly.


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