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How To Make Marijuana Infused Hard Candy

How to Make Cannabis Candies

How To Make Marijuana Infused Hard Candy.  A great alternative to the consumption made through the classic joint or the vaporizer is the ingestion of cannabis.

In this way, we can help prevent damage to our respiratory system but we will still have the same medicinal and recreational effects. This recipe for cannabis candy is the most used today, for its simplicity and obviously for its flavor and effect.

In addition to candies, we will show how we are going to work with liquid sugar that once solidified will be quite rigid.  A whole world of designs is available if we buy molds, allowing us to make cannabis infused lollipops using the same mixture, following the traditional recipe.

How To Make Marijuana Infused Hard Candy
How To Make Marijuana Infused Hard Candy


How To Make Marijuana Infused Hard Candy

Traditional Cannabis Candy Recipe

To prepare this recipe we will need two saucepans or casserole dishes to make a water bath. The water bath is to put water in a saucepan and put another saucepan on the water so that the second saucepan is only heated with the water temperature. It is something really simple, that allows us to cook at a stable temperature without burning the ingredients.

However, if someone has a kitchen thermometer, it never hurts to keep up with the temperature. As a base, we will use the traditional candy recipe, to which we will add cannabis in the form of hashish or in the form of cannabis Butter.

We can use either of these two things for the recipe, if we use hashish it must be in powder, that is without kneading and we will need about 3 grams. If we use Marijuana butter we will need about 10 grams. In addition to the following ingredients.


how to make cannabis candies
how to make cannabis candies

Ingredients for Making  Cannabis Candies

  • 2 cups of sugar
  • 1 cup of water
  • A half cup of honey (it doesn’t matter what type of honey).
  • Green food coloring (powder or drops, sold anywhere and is very economical)
  • Sugar powder (known as sugar glass)
  • 3 grams of hashish or 10 grams of Cannabis Butter (do not use both at once).


How To Make A Weed Candy Hash
How To Make A Weed Candy Hash

Preparation of Cannabis Candies

We put a saucepan over medium to high heat with water to use as a base for the water bath. The other pot will be placed on the saucepan above so that everything is cooked in the water bath. In this second saucepan, we add the ingredients: Sugar, water, and honey.

We will constantly stir the mixture as it unites, creating a kind of viscous caramel dough. If we use a kitchen thermometer we should reach 145 degrees Celsius or so for the mixture to get this texture, if we do not have a thermometer, we will simply increase the heat in the saucepan with water to obtain more temperature, until the mixture acquires the correct consistency.

It can take about ten or fifteen minutes while the mixture acquires this texture, so you have to have a little patience whilst stirring very occasionally. The sugar will finish glazing and form a homogeneous mass with the honey.

How To Make Marijuana Candies
How To Make Marijuana Candies

Once we have achieved the proper texture, we will add one or two drops of green food coloring and the three grams of hashish powder or, failing that, ten grams of cannabis butter.

Continue stirring constantly until the dye and butter are thoroughly mixed (about two or three minutes will suffice) and then we will pour the mixture into a special mold for candy or on a mold previously greased to prevent them from sticking.

We must wait a few minutes for the mixture to begin to solidify, when the texture is how we want it, we can mold and cut it at our whim, or simply let it harden completely (if we use a mold).

How To Make Your Own Marijuana Candy
How To Make Your Own Marijuana Candy

When we remove the candies from the mold, we cover them gently with sugar powder and the Marijuana Candy is ready to be eaten !!


How To Make Medical Marijuana Candies
How To Make Medical Marijuana Candies

Remember that the effect of marijuana is greater when you eat it than when you smoke it, so do not eat too much or it could have too strong an effect. Every person is different, some need one piece of candy to feel the effects and others need a whole candy or two.

The effects of cannabis candies begin to be noticed between half an hour and an hour after being eaten. So just use patience and common sense;).



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