How to Make Organic Compost Tea For Cannabis Plants

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How to Make Organic Compost Tea


How to Make Organic Compost Tea
How to Make Organic Compost Tea For Cannabis Plants


Today I’d like to talk about one of the most important developments for both indoor and outdoor growing – Compost Teas!  Most of us, of course, are very familiar with our own list of nutrients, and pretty much no two growers can agree 100% on exactly what should be given to your plants but we can all agree that properly caring for our soil is essential.


What is Organic Tea?  Organic Teas come in a lot of different formulas but they all do one critical thing – take care of the microbes in your soil.  See, organic tea isn’t for feeding your plant, its for building and feeding the organic microbes in your soil that microbiologically take care of your bacteria and soil ecosystem.  They don’t feed your plant, but the microbes give off much of the good stuff your plants need!  And boy will they thank you.

I have only been using Organic Teas for a couple of years now, but the changes and rapid beautiful growth is undeniable.  I don’t normally name product names either, but there is a particular company that does well and that is Progress Earth Organics.  This company’s logo is a Bull’s head, which is symbolic of their flagship product Genesis Compound.  This wonderful microbe feeding organic fuel known as BioDynamic compost, and is made by burying bull guts in a bull skull underground for about a year.  In total, this material is made from simply cow manure, kelp, rock dust, and the BioDynamic BD500-508 fermentations.

          How to Make Organic Compost Tea

To make organic tea, you need to have a container of at least 15-60 gallons.  I use a trash can of about 32 gallons, and keep 30 gallons running at all time.  You also need an Air Pump as you use for Fish Tanks.  I use a single simple mid-range air pump that has two air hoses and I attach them to air rocks at the bottom of the water tank.

When you first start or refill your tank, you have to use a start out amount of ingredients that build up the good stuff in your tea.  After your tea is going, you can just add a “maintenance” amount per every 5 gallons you have to add back in the tank.  Here is the list of the ingredients you will need:

Genesis Compound by Progress Earth Organics

Tonic Fertilizer by Progress Earth Organics

Molasses for plants (I use Earth Juice brand)

Kelp+ (you can find lots of Kelp providers in your local Hydro/Grow store)

You can add other things to your organic tea as you learn how to make it.  Some people like to add Bat Guano, and there are various ways you can mix just these ingredients to get your desired result.  PLEASE NOTE!  This is an ingredient list I was given long ago and do not know who originally created it, but thank you to the author!



15 Gallons Container

2 oz          Genesis Compound

2 oz          Tonic Fertilizer

8-12 oz    Molasses for plants

6-8 oz      Kelp+

60 Gallons Container

8 oz          Genesis Compound

8 oz          Tonic Fertilizer

32-48 oz  Molasses for plants

24-32 oz  Kelp+

* – Bacterial Compost Tea: use more molasses than kelp = soft tissue, short cycle plants, annuals

* – Fungal Compost Tea: use more kelp/fish than molasses = trees, shrubs, perennials


When adding more water to your brewer without starting over, you want to use a lesser “maintenance amount”.  For every 5 gallons of water you add to your brewer, make sure you also add:

.25 oz          Genesis Compound

.25 oz          Tonic Fertilizer

2 oz             Molasses for plants

1 oz              Kelp+

You may want to add this amount to your brewer each day if you don’t use and replace any of the tea that day.

This will get you started, here are a couple pics of what the tea looks like when brewing.  Good Luck Friends!

How to Make Organic Compost Tea Organic Tea Brewing



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