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How To Roll The Flaming Back Flip

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How To Roll The Flaming Back Flip

This is probably the hardest of all the joints to roll but if you can pull it off it’s bound to impress any seasoned toker. Prepare for the flaming back flip.

flaming back flip 1

Stick the Papers Together
Attach two papers together by aligning the gummed strips into a straight line.

flaming back flip 2

Fold another Paper
Get a third paper and fold it into two equal halves.

flaming back flip 3

Sandwiching the Paper
Lick the gummed strip of the third paper that has been folded and dig it in beween the other two.


flaming back flip 4

Take it Out
Take the third paper out before it has time to dry, then attach the rest of the other papers together with the glue that has stuck to it from the other paper.

flaming back flip 5

Roast a Smoke
Grab a cigarette, grab a match or lighter and slowly and carefully heat the tobacco inside the smoke, this will get rid of unwanted tar and nicotine.

flaming back flip 6

The Reverse Packing
Get your mix and add it to the other side of the papers. (The one WITHOUT the gummed strips facing upwards).

flaming back flip 7

Reverse Rolling
Now roll the spliff up the opposite way to normal (so that the gummed bit is on the ouside). Lick it, seal it and leave the excess paper there.

trim the fat backflip joint

Trim the Fat
Now light the excess paper with a match or lighter starting from the very bottom where your roach is and it will burn all the excess for you. There you have it – The Flaming Back Flip.

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