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Howard Marks AKA Mr Nice Diagnosed With Inoperable Bowel Cancer

Howard Marks AKA Mr Nice Diagnosed With Inoperable Bowel Cancer

Howard Marks has inoperable bowel cancer
Howard Marks has inoperable bowel cancer


Dope smuggler turned celebrity Howard Marks has revealed he has inoperable bowel cancer.

Marks, the grammar schoolboy from south Wales who ran a worldwide drug-smuggling ring, was secured in the most difficult federal prison in the United States however on his release became an eloquent campaigner for the legalisation of marijuana. His autobiography, “Mr Nice,” was made into a film starring close friend Rhys Ifans.

Informed he had cancer of the bowel last year, Marks has actually now discovered it has infected his lungs and liver and is inoperable. He has had 8 courses of chemotherapy and according to The The Guardian  has actually reacted well, however says he accepts his time is probably running out.

“I have actually come to terms with it in my own way– which for me had to do with finding out how to cry,” stated Marks, 69. “It’s difficult to be sorry for any part of my life when I feel happy and I am happy now, so I don’t have any regrets and have actually not had any for a very long time.”.

Marks is now being taken care of in Leeds by his partner Caroline Brown and says his only remorse about his adventurous life was the impact it carried his loved ones, including his 4 children.

“Smuggling marijuana was a fantastic lifestyle– continuous culture shock, ridiculous quantities of money, and the reassuring understanding of getting many people stoned.


“Prison took the wind out of the sails for a while, and was a terrible blow to my young family. However, I felt immensely lucky and privileged to have written a bestseller and then started a career of performing in public, which permitted me to hang out with artists, DJs and other enthusiasts of dope. I have had an unbelievable life.”.

Celebrity good friends including Tracy Emin, Keith Allen, Richard Branson and Peter Hitchens have all sent their best wishes on hearing the news. Zoe all and spouse Norman Cook call Marks “a ray of sunshine in our lives”.

Although the battle to legalise marijuana seems far from over, Marks admits to some satisfaction that even in the US the drug is now legal in some states– he simply wishes individuals didn’t need to be ill to use it.

“Naturally the legalising of marijuana for clinical purposes is to be invited, however personally I never ever wanted to need to wait till I had cancer so I could legally smoke. I want it to be legalised for consuming recreationally– and I’m pleased to see they have now done this in 4 US states. After my experiences at the hands of the US legal system, America is the last place in the world that I thought would be leading the charge.”.


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