Vertical Limits

Indoor Hydroponic Vertical Garden Screen

Indoor Hydroponic Vertical Garden Screen




Inspired by the Windowfarms in her former office, Brooklyn designer Danielle Trofe attended an urban farming conference which set her in motion to design her own self-sustaining vertical garden system, Live Screen.



Hydroponic Technology for Small Spaces
Live Screen utilizes hydroponic technology rendering indoor gardening accessible and easy for the space-deprived urban dweller. A living piece of art that enables city folks to garden sustainably in small spaces, Live Screen also functions as an interior decor element or room divider, sustains biodiversity, improves air quality, and if desired can provide fresh produce at the most local level: grown right at home.


Growing Trend
Vertical gardening systems such as this one are surging in popularity as more people downsize to smaller living spaces requiring designs that make good use of generally unused areas such as walls.



Self-Watering Feature Simplifies Growing Process
Hidden in its base, LIve screen uses an aquatic air pump to pump water through plastic tubing from reservoirs in each of its poles. Water is fed to the top tier, then gravity circulates the water out to each of the planter pods. Although still in the prototype phase, Trofe plans to produce Live Screen from a minimum of 80% recycled food-safe plastic.


Trofe’s self-sustaining vertical planter system will make its international debut at this year’s Wanted Design, an international furniture, lighting and housewares show that runs concurrently with ICFF during NYC’s design week.




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