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Irie vibe seeds

Irie vibe seeds 

Irie vibe seeds
Irie vibe seeds

Irie vibe seeds


Irie vibe seeds are dedicated to medical marijuana seeds just the very best will do, this is our objective to provide you with the best medication readily available. grow your own is the only way to guarantee completely organic flowers, we bring you routine seeds, female seeds (99.9 % girl) and quickly automobile flowers from time to time you will be able to bid on limited edition strains in our auctions page. Irievibe seeds is the house of motarebel genetics, scorching pistileros & green lantern seed co. Irie vibe seeds Seedbank House of wonderful breeders such as Motarebel Genetics, The Blazing Pistileros & Your house of Funk … with more to come! Newest News We NOW accept paypal. In addition we also accept worldwide cash orders, cash in the mail and bank transfers. If delivering money by mail be sure the money is well hidden in a magazine or in between postcards.As soon as your payment is gotten you will certainly be alerted by emai from Irie vibe seeds, your order will certainly then be processed. Stock Fresh From the Breeders Irie vibe seeds are proud to announce that Mau Mau has signed up with the party and seeds are now readily available! Blacktooth, Detroit Diesel, SaH Genetics, Grendel are now in stock. We must soon get ghetto land genetics supplying autoflowering seeds. As always any concerns feel free to call us! Our Objective Statement We here at Irie vibe seeds Seedbank are proud to welcome you to a website committed to Medicinal Cannabis seeds where just the most effective will do. Our goal is to offer you with the very best TESTED medicine offered. In this day and age, expanding your own medication is the only method to ensure pure totally organic flowers in their finest type. We presently just provide routine seeds (Males and Girl Genetics) but will certainly quickly be offering Feminized Seeds & Autoflowering Genetics. From time to time you will be able to bid on restricted edition strains supplied by our website breeders. The Irie Ambiance Seedbank group wish you an enjoyable stay on our site and please contact us right here!. Motarebel Seeds Irie vibe seeds


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Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis: Thank you for being the “Gateway drug” to perpetual inspiration, compassion, benevolence, and medicinal miracles: Cannabis grower, photographer with a long experience in cannabis cultivation. His articles are journalistic reports of places where cannabis is already legally cultivated and owned. They are intended to give an impression of the wide range of cannabis cultivation. These reports are intended to help identify the truth about cannabis and reduce prejudice.

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  1. The best of the best, they helped me out more than you could even guess! My chupacabres all sprouted faster than anything Ive ever seen and turned into monsters. Got the seeds in only 6 days from order to the midwest thumb! I’ll def. be trying every single strain and stick with only them, theres no reason to switch at the moment and if I do I run the risk of screwing up a great thing…I put the chupas in FFOF and 18/6 and 2 weeks later they were 12” bushes ready for flower already, massive thc’d dense sticky buds that will be the best smoke you ever blew.

    Sorry not chupacabre i meant the Affie bubba from irie vibe…I also got some Maramota 10 and blacktooth that I’m saving, I gave 2 of each to a friend and he got 2 female maramota and 1 and 1 on the blacktooth…he did 12/12 after only 2 weeks and still got a hugggge yield. potent smoke but he didnt flush well sadly…thanks again irie vibe great work.

  2. best seedbank i ve had the pleasure to deal with, fast shipping, freebees added to my order, very professional, 5/5… recommended 150%

  3. I ordered from these guys about a month ago,and the service was great.
    I did however have some germinating problems.I sent one e-mail telling
    them the trouble I was having,and they gave me the choice between there
    number one selling,and there number two selling seeds.I got 10 of there top selling seeds free to make up for the trouble I was having.It’s
    safe to buy from these guys they know how to take care of a customer.

  4. 100% satisfied with my order, bought 2 packs of the cheap stuffs and got 10 seeds for free, shipping to my place took 8 days, you can buy from them with your eyes closed.

  5. I just made a small order,and ordering was very quick and easy.Jeffman responded to my e-mail right away.I will comment later on delivery,stealth,and quality.

  6. very happy with IVS, fast shipping on my order, seeds are mature and already out of the jiffy, 10/10 on germ rates, a pack of mau-mau x berry bolt as freebee, i would recomment this website to anyone looking to get seeds that you won t find anywhere.
    keep up the good work IVS

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