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Jack Herer Strain Review

Smoke Test and Grow Report

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Jack Herer Strain Review, The legendary Jack Herer cannabis strain is a strain known worldwide for its flavor, aroma, and high.

In addition, she has won 9 medals at the Cannabis Cup over the years.

Jack Herer strain review
Jack Herer strain review

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Characteristics :

  • Seed type: Males and Females
  • Medals: Cannabis Cup
  • climate: Mediterranean / Sunny
  • Height:  1-1,8m indoors; 1.8-3m outdoors
  • Indoor flowering: 50 – 70 days
  • Harvest Outdoor: mid/late October
  • Indoor yield: 600g / m²
  • Outdoor Yield: from 100 to 1Kg/plant
  • Sativa / Indica:  50/50%
  • genotype: Hybrid

Jack Herer smoke and grow report.

Jack Herer: Smoke and Grow Report
Jack Herer: Smoke and Grow Report

Growing Jack Herer from seeds can be a very rewarding experience as it is a plant which has quality and yield. Indoors it may be necessary to control the most Sativa dominant plants by training or topping.

As for nutrient/fertilizer requirements, it can be a quite greedy feeder dependant on the phenotype you are growing but will give impressive results when grown in good conditions.

A good mix between Sativa and Indica that will achieve good yields indoors or Outdoors, in California or any region with a Mediterranean climate, it will give very good results with big productive trees.


jack herer 1
Jack Herer. It is a weed that is perfect to relax with friends

Growing Jack Herer Indoors

you will have a very aromatic strain, particularly at the beginning of flowering, where the scent will intensify throughout the flowering period.

Its structure is solid and offers a medium distance between the nodes, forming large, bud-laden branches, Your 600w grow lamp can perfectly cover 9 plants.

 Harvest is usually after 10 weeks of flowering, with a minimum of 450 gr of dry buds per 600w hps lamp when grown in the best conditions.

It is usually recommended to start flowering Jack Herer when the plant is quite small due to the stretch of the plant in the first 3 weeks of 12/12. Or alternatively, you can employ other methods such as topping or training your plants.

Growing Jack Herer Outdoors.

Jack Herer when grown outside, will fit any space, and most climate conditions,  This is because its resistance to pests and adaptability to different temperatures are unbeatable.

When growing outdoors and planted directly into the ground, it could exceed 12 ft high, with a central apex that continues to grow. In ideal conditions, You will be able to harvest up to 36 oz of dry buds per plant, with huge branches filled with oval buds bright green in color with lots of orange pistils. 

For the outdoor harvest, you will have to wait until mid-October, although some phenotypes require a little more time.

Jack Herer Smoke Report.

The flavor is inherited from the great Haze and offers a large bouquet of incense that has turned it into a legend, thanks to a combination of earthy-fruity nuances brought by the Afghan genetics ancestry.

The taste takes different paths depending on which phenotypes you have when growing with Jack Herer seeds. But often we find the typical Indica aromas that mingle with the sweet notes of Sativa, which can be quite fruity and lemony. other phenotypes have sweet nuances of fruit reminiscent of sandalwood or the smell of pinewood.

Its effect is complex, affecting the user in many different ways depending on your state of mind. Eating or smoking Jack Herer in the morning can offer you a stimulating sensation, perfect for having a good time with friends. but smoking it in the evening, can easily send you to sleep.

First impressions of the smoke are that it has a strong taste and it feels good in the mouth, you will not want to light a cigarette just after smoking Jack Herer.

It is a weed that is perfect to relax with friends, laugh a little. For movie lovers, it will be ideal!

The high that lasts a bit will not fail to make you show interest in the plot just the time the stone nails you in front without you even see the time pass.


The effect is a good compromise between Stone and High, although the Stone is powerful and dominant. The Jack Herer will be well suited for the middle of the day to have a good mood and be relaxed.

The Stone is not too physical and will not nail you to the couch if you are busy.





  1. For me Jack is the best smelling that I’ve ever smelt for that I love that plant I always thought it smelled like blueberries or just candy








  2. waiting to try jack have started one have to germinate another cant wait have been pleased with all I have tried from ilgm white widow blueberry and now gorilla glue








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