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LaraPharm’s plans on delivering cannabis as a synthetic material inside a dry puff inhaler

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LaraPharm’s plans on delivering cannabis as a synthetic material inside a dry puff inhaler

LaraPharm’s plans on delivering cannabis as a synthetic material inside a dry puff inhaler
LaraPharm’s plans on delivering cannabis as a synthetic material inside a dry puff inhaler

Because humankind has actually found healing properties of natural herbs like cannabis, inhalation through smoke has been the delivery technique of choice. Smoking marijuana makes the particles go straight to the blood and brain. It’s excellent for some individuals, but for those using cannabis medicinally—- and want to work, drive and tend to their children—- rolling and cigarette smoking a joint with all of its psychoactive results isn’t always appropriate..


LaraPharm, is the first company in the world to take THC and other cannabinoids and attempt to deliver them by dry Inhaler . Rita Alter, the CEO and founder of LaraPharm, founded the company 4 years earlier and has put her family savings behind the concept: she believes it could be a winning option for the multi-billion pharmaceutical companies that want to enter into the medical marijuana business however who have no way to approach cannabis from a medical perspective.


The major Pharma business can not sell joints, says Alter: “They require a pharmaceutical medicine with regulated dose and effectiveness. For them, the medical cannabis company is a multi-billion dollar game they’re left out of. LaraPharm can turn the tables on that and provide them with a sensible medicine changing medical marijuana,”


Some $250,000 has been put into the company so far. Unlike in the US where research on marijuana substances is unlawful on the federal level, in Israel it is not, and talking about it and working with it has ended up being in a way commonplace, although it is prohibited to smoke recreationally in Israel.


Alter is building a startup in Israel to help people dose themselves using a new kind of inhaler that delivers medical grade synthetic cannabis molecules just like an asthma inhaler.


Alter has built the breakthrough formulation design, filed a patent and is now looking for an investment of about $13 million USD to enter clinical trials with expected commercial launch within two years.


She aims to create a medical solution that can deliver medical grade and replicable doses of artificial, cannabis-like drugs to sick individuals who require it most. The drug will certainly be developed to deliver the exact same effects each time.


Scientists today estimate that cannabis includes 70 or more active compounds. THC, the chemical that gets you high in pot is one of the most therapeutically prominent, however it is likewise only one of 70. What Alter plans to do is build a platform solution so that drug companies can build dozens or more of their own drugs, based on these molecules in any combination and then provide them through the inhaler.


Can LaraPharm put the significant Pharma business back into what’s approximated to be a $40 billion legal market in the United States alone by 2020?


“Well we aren’t the very first to think about the need,” Alter says humbly. There is Marinol, a company with $200 million in sales that produces an artificial THC and provides it with sesame oil. It’s been on the marketplace for 30 years to deal with chemotherapy-induced queasiness and vomiting and reportedly works really poorly. After reaching the blood and due to the liver pass there is a dumping impact and an individual gets high for a long period of time.”.


Then there is GW Pharma, a $1.3 billion company with agreements in 25 nations that produces a THC and CBD spray (Sativex) which is absorbed sublingually, or under the tounge. The business is noted on the LSE and NASDAQ stock exchanges however you can’t find it in the United States, she states. “Clients internationally report dissatisfaction from this solution and the Sativex sales never ever actually took-off.”.


What she’s done is developed a dry inhaler, the same kind used for asthma sufferers, and has loaded it with a dried powder type artificial THC. While the THC is not patentable, the delivery approach is: how the powder is made and how the mixes of drugs can be developed for specific conditions.


Over in Jerusalem, where THC was discovered by Prof. Raphael Mechoulam in the 60s “he is screaming for somebody to do something with these molecules,” Alter states.


Undoubtedly. Among the many times I have actually interviewed Mechoulam he says that a replicable, medical grade dosage system is extremely sought after.


To read more on LaraPharm, click here.


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  1. Not a bad concept except for using synthetic crap. Man can’t totally replicate what is found in nature.
    All day long chemists will tell us “There is no chemical difference.” That I think is maybe mostly true, but that is not the only difference.

    The key difference to me & from what I have found online is the biological difference.


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